Women's Royal Naval Service (1917 - 1919)

Discussion in 'History' started by golden_rivet, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. You can now search and download the records of those who served in the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) during the First World War. Until now these records have only been available on microfiche in the Reading Room at The National Archives, Kew, Surrey.

    The Women's Royal Naval Service was formed to carry out shore-based duties and allow sailors to go to sea. Recruitment posters encouraged women to "Free a man for sea service". The Admiralty aimed to recruit 3,000 women but eventually over 5,000 women joined. Katharine Furse, the former Commandant of the British Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detachments, was appointed Director in November 1917.

    At first the WRNS (or "Wrens") undertook domestic duties, such as cleaning, cooking and serving meals. Later they carried out a greater variety of roles including wireless telegraphists and electricians. The Officers were not commissioned ("civilians in uniform"). They were based in the United Kingdom, from Portsmouth to the Orkneys, but some units also served in Gibraltar, Malta and Genoa. 23 WRNS died in the First World War.

    The WRNS was demobilised on 1 October 1919 and it was re-established in 1938 in the build up to the Second World War. The Women's Royal Naval Service was disbanded finally in 1993 when women were allowed to join the Royal Navy.[source: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/wrns.asp]

  2. ADM 318 WRNS Personnel file of officers (short service) were 556 files I sent to the PRO/NA in my time at the MoD (1989-2003). Being an ex-matelot, I had to read them all ( well who wouldn't FFS ?). Range from "really cares for her girls" to "far too friendly with Commander (S)". One of the best laughs I had in the job, but most of them tried their best, bless 'em.
  3. More interested in WWII WRNS any suggestions? (personal reasons, very! Mother was one and I never knew her) Much appreciated Many thnks in advance for any help!!
  4. janner

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    On the subject of WRNS, they seem to be very poorly represented on the web, WRNS Association website is poor, come on ladies theres loads of scope on the web, if old WREN wants to start up a website, (genuine WRNS history and contact site) PM me and I can offer a free host off of a site tht I run.
  5. Hello

    I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any online information sites, such as Officers Lists, for Wrens in service during WW2?

  6. Navy Lists since 1939, up until the disbandment of the WRNS, show the ranks, names, seniority and appointments of all WRNS Officers.
    You local library should be able to source copies for you.
  7. There's a site from the Submariners forum just seen

    Http://www.unithistories.com/units_index and do a search for officers then select British then RN scroll down and it has an A-Z of names with
    histories and maybe a photo off WRNS

    Good Hunting hope you are lucky

    :nemo: :nemo:
  8. The Naval Historical Branch and the library of the RN Museum, both located in Portsmouth Naval Base, also hold back copies of the Navy List. Click on the highlighted links for contact details.
  9. Wow guys thanks for your info and links hopefully I will be able to find whom I'm looking for. Cheers.

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