Womens Insurance to be raised

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. because it's sexist. Serves the bastards right, they wanted equality.
  2. It might encourage the lazy fuckers to stay in the kitchen.
  3. I imagine that the insurance companies are dancing a little jig of despair at the terrible news that their profits are about to go through the roof due to being able to charge increased premiums for a large proportion of drivers.

    Still, good eggs that they are, they're bound to pass the good news onto the rest of us in the form of reduced premiums...

    ...aren't they? :idea1:
  4. I said to mrs nmc this morning when it was announced they were waiting for the ruling - I bet they put womens up and not put mens down.
    As said earlier, I bet they are really upset at being forced to make big profits.
  5. It looks like "Sheila's Wheels" are going to have to find a new angle for their sales pitch.=-):bootyshake:
  6. Hohh yes !
  7. The whole idea that any group of drivers is necessarily safer than another was just a marketing ploy, which has now quite rightly been ended.
    A lot of insurance companies still ask personal questions, not entirely related to the risk, in order to bump up the premium.
    What as well is this nonesense of insuring the driver not the car? In the other EU countries I know the car is insured. It can be driven by any other driver with the owners permission. There is none of this named driver rubbish.
    Ok some age restrictions may apply but even then you are on dodgy ground as far as legality is concerned.
  8. My premium dropped a fair bit after I left and changed my job description from Armed Forces...twats
  9. Having seen the way some of the young girlies are driving............

    Check my dictionary between sh1t and syphillis!
  10. Teenage brother and sister on beeb nooz just passed their tests, for the same car, Nova, his quote was twice the price of hers.
  11. This is finally fair, my insurance for an 11 year old car with a 1 liter engine is 1200 quid, twice what girls my age pay (and they drive much newer more powerful cars). (I'm 18 and have a clean licence and 1 years no claims, and pass plus). Apparently mens premiums are gunna drop by 10%, this is gunna make a pretty big difference to me! :D

  12. If they dont insure men ?(Or is that to be illegal too?) why should they?
  13. Bugger they do.
  14. But with the Mrs as the owner/main driver its £25 cheaper, but shes a little older. £280/£305
  15. 18 and a clean licence and 1 years no claims - I should hope you do young man! You've hardly started yet!
    Mind you 1200 quid is extortion and my advice is to make sure you don't have any claims and that you keep your licence clean - about 95percent of that will be up to YOU...
    Frankly I've been driving too long and had so much to do with it that I have yet to see any one particular group of regular drivers that is any better than another.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2011
  16. How truly revolutionary. Bet he'd never have thought of that..........

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