Women to blame for earthquakes in Iran

Could there be something in this?

Have you noticed that since women were given the vote, we have lost the Empire?

On polling day, should women be locked up because they are a danger to themselves and others?

Could one of them be reading this post?............OH SH*T!!! 8O
Gombie : We are (reading) and you are (in the shit) lol...... :wink: :D

It's touching to see the trembling that goes on after inciting wrath from 'Er Indoors but, errr..... I rather think the Empire was lost due to two cripplingly expensive world wars MANkind saw fit to start ? 8O :)

As for the Iranian.....methinks he's got his anatomy/geology mixed up. Brings a whole new meaning to the word 'crack'. :lol: :roll:
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