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Women soldiers could be allowed to join combat roles


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Right, hypothetical question: Who would win in a combat situation - Jack888, Jailed Nuns Now or Demi Moore off of "GI Jane"?


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Only on paper Ninja, the female MCD was way below standard in all areas, it was a joke that she was allowed to continue and stay on course till the end, I refrained from putting "completed" or Passed....Tokenism and positive discrimination enabled the RN to have a female MCD officer.
I appreciate what your saying & to be honest, the only time I've seen a male MCDO actually dive is at Horsea. Whether standards have been changed for female Ratings on course, I've not yet heard.


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Phew;- a bit heated; I was outside years before women at sea, but I recall the end of the world is nigh when female prison officers were given drafts to male nicks, including becoming dog handlers.I worked with the best of female officers and felt safe with one watching my back. There was no better humiliation for a gobby prison would be hard man than to be taken down and moved by a three woman control and restraint team.


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I'm the opposite. I want to know why it won't work, but you won't tell me. You just say it's impossible for you to explain.

If you had read my comments on another thread you would see I'm not against the idea and never have been.I'm referring to your comments about soldiers and what you can make them do.

I'll ask again; have you ever served front line and know the mindset of soldiers? Yes or no?

Just chasing up an answer to the above question which you've seen and are choosing to avoid. I'm not confident that i'll receive anything though. Mind you, that's typical of the ill informed. You remind me of another poster we had on here until recently.


Lantern Swinger
If standards are maintained 100%, and not dropped at all, and a female passes, fair enough. Ie; they pass the MALE combat infantry fitness tests.

I predict that there won't be many though. And those that do pass, will have earned the right to fulfil the most unfeminine of roles that is an infantryman.


In many ways they already do and in most cases have (unsurprisingly) acquitted themselves very well. Herrick has blown all the ridiculous old theories about why women can't right out of the water.


War Hero
Nope - but I bet its a bunch of paedophile lesbian wheelchair bound muslim immigrants in Burkas who'll insist on the right to wear a burka on the front line who try to join though.


This was announced last May. Good to see the Daily Mail on the ball. So far nothing's changed:

Much as I dislike defending newspapers Ninja, In the telegraph it reports Philip Hammond as saying

he wanted Britain to follow the example set by 'the Americans, the Australians, even the French' on allowing women soldiers to bear arms.

and that

Women could be allowed to join the special forces, after ministers announced a review on letting female soldiers bear arms.

And the Wail reports

Senior figures within the MoD revealed they are now prepared to open up front line combat roles to women after the six-month study removed any doubts.

So they (in this case) are not reporting old news


Yes it has there has been a 6 month review :rolleyes:, but has there had already been a review some time back, it looks like they are just trying to delay the inevitable


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It's simple really; if you pass the course and all the tests, you should be able to do the job. As Monty has stated, Herrick has pretty much proved this.


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I think it stated they did not expect many to pass? Well I think that goes for men and woman as I am sure there is a percentage failure rate already, and for specialist groups they would have to pass an amplitude physical assessment before being accepted on to the training course. So like everyone else they take their chances and hope that they can get through the training injury free.
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