women on subs

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by lauralovestodig, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. well looks like i am becoming a little bit addicted to the forum, rather this than my essay.

    my next point of concern is women on subs.

    I once asked an Admiral the reason women would not be allowed on subs in the 'foreseeable future' (his words). the response was "incase you are pregnant and dont know about it"

    i KNOW at this moment i am not pregnant, is it not a little patronising to assume women are not incontrol of their own reproductive systems?

    i would like to point out i disagree with women being allowed on subs, but for very different reasons- mainly physical capabilities.

    i for one quite like sunlight
  2. Not all women are as responsible as you.
  3. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Women are not on subs for several reasons.

    Firstly, their place is in the kitchen....(I'M JOKING).

    It's mainly to do with the fact that as submarines are so bloody cramped, the logistical problems of separate accomadation and abolutions are too great for the current subs the RN have got.

    Saying that, the RAN have women serving in their boats and I do believe a female Lt conducted a trial in one of our boats a couple of years ago-I don't know the outcome of her report though.
  4. i do... she said that women should never go on subs- she hated it.

    i do believe Norway and Australia both allow women on subs, is it that their women are not as loose??

    men and women can both go to the moon on a shared rocket, surely the logistics are quite similar??
    at the best of times i do like a nice man to snuggle down with BUT if duty calls i know that i would be able to not get dirty with someone whilst serving.
  5. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Norwegian women aren't loose.

    Well, the one's I sniffed after weren't anyway BUT I do have high standards when sober
  6. On joining up as a Tiffy you did not know whether you would be selected AE, ME, WE you had a preference but the personnel selection officer had the final say, on the day before the specialisations were announced I was called to see him and asked again about my preference for subs. I was turbo pissed off and skulked off to fill in my PVR form for the next day how I wished then I had a pair of tits, however God smiled on me the next day and I was a WAFU.
    Except for the money and a fascination with the Undertaker from WWE who also spends his days in a coffin why the **** would you want too.
    Watch DAS Boot and tell me you fancy a bit of that. Nien.
  7. I think the pregnant bit (and I am just assuming here) is to do with nuclear subs. Meaning that should a female sailor be just pregnant (ie a week or so) then went on a 3 month tour, any increased radiation levels may cause illness and deformities in the fetus or possible miscarriage.

    I am not sure on this, and don't have an opinion either way but I remember seeing something about this years ago.

    (ducks to await incoming)

  8. well i would never want to be a submariner! i get itchy feet if i dont go outside for 12 hours! i do however feel that some women would like to be.

    i do infact hear my friends shouting 'go deeper, go deeper' i can only assume they are talking about serving on subs
  9. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

  10. :oops:
    have i lowered the tone again
  11. Don't worry we will soon be transferred to Diamond Lills where lowering the tone is almost compulsory.
  12. This subject really gets me annoyed! I have always wated to be Navy and takin into accoun the fact i would be away at long periods of time i had the implant put in meanin for three years i dont have to worry bout things, this doesn't mean im goin to be navy bike it just eans im takin things into consideration so ha there the pregnancy shite out the window!
  13. loving the fact that pink thinks she is now 'ok' because she is protected from becoming pregnant via the implant. i personally just prefer a good set of strong morals as the best form of contraception..
  14. i dont say i was ok but it shows i thought about things, i have very very strong morals but even Joan of Arc slipped up!
  15. 'implant put in meanin for three years i dont have to worry bout things'

    my bad...
  16. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    That's a shame....
  17. If im in a lovin relationship and want to be a submariner the pregnancy argument cannot be thrown at me
  18. so if there was an injured man trapped in part of a flooded sub could you carry him up a flight of stairs??
  19. Close
    The staff answer is that there is insufficient knowedge of the effect of prssure change both on the unborn foetus and on the female pumbing system generally.
    Why the f8888 does anyone want to go to sea in a pig boat anyway?
  20. ffs you don't have a "right" to any job - if the Service decides there is a necessity to have women serving in a particular role then it will adapt as such.

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