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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Gombear, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. I left the “Andrew†in the late 70s; long before women were allowed to serve on-board ship.

    I have looked on the official Navy website and seen photos of female sailors. Some of officers on the bridge (one female Sub.Lt. on the bridge wing during a RAS). Also a few piccies of junior rates doing what junior rates do.

    Anyway, I just find it a bit difficult to imagine what life on-board is like nowadays.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t have a problem with it and I am not a misogynist; far from it.

    I am guessing that the atmosphere/ambience or whatever you like to call it is very different now. For instance verbal abuse seemed to be a fairly acceptable form of communication when I was serving. I am not saying that was a good thing; it was just the way it was.

    I would be interested to know the views on this from blokes that have served both before and after women began sea service.
  2. Aaaaargh!! Sorry wrong board. I'm new here.
    How should I have posted this on the right board
  3. PM the Moderators of this board and request a draft chit seeking permission to relocate your thread in Diamond Lil's :bball:

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  4. Dont matter mate we will find the thread anyway.
    As to females on board I had one draft with females early on just after they were introduced to ships, in my opinion it was not a happy draft. The girls were work shy and a lot of backstabbing happened through the dept, (no names/cap tallies) and also in a social sense. I have since gone over to the dark side (boats) and have heard that all is going better on ships with mixed sex crews. Would not want to go back now.
  5. My last D.O. in the mob was the first Wren to go to sea.

    There was absolutely no point in asking her for anything, as she was routinely overruled by the Charge Chief.

    I believe things have changed, though, as us knuckle dragging dinosaurs have left, and today's matelots are more in touch with their feminine sides.
  6. With all those oestrogens in the water supply, Streaky, I'm not surprised! :lol:

    I'd have loved to serve alongside female matelots had I got in, just so long as I didn't have to sleep with them.
  7. No worries shipmate, it is now safe :)

    As for payment, St... Thingy you know I take all currency, on your knees!!
  8. the last warship I visited, Devonport Navy days some eight or nine years ago seemed to comprise accommodation. Male Officers Female Officers Chief and Petty Officer female sailors Chief and Petty Officer male sailors. Oh! plus a couple of female WO sailors and male WO sailors Separate heads and showers and messes for all.
    It seemed to me the ship was purely for living not for fighting.
    The wardroom and cabins male and female took up the aft quarters of the ship their separate heads and bathroom/showers a bit more.
    Nothing left to fight with I thought. No room for anything else.
    The point of it all escaped and continues to escapes ,me.
    Someone will explain all, undoubtedly.
  9. Backstabbing?
    Did the girls like that?
    Some did perhaps, but piles didn't.
  10. IP21 6YD
  11. Sorry Lamri, I don't get you banter.
    Are you a female stoker being smutty? What do you take me for madam? A damned Beaver Muncher?
  12. Sounds like there's enough bitchin' going on in this thread to outdo any female personnel on board any boat. Gender seems to be an issue with miscommunication as well.
    So....why don't we return to the main point before it all unravels....perhaps return to discussing the changes/benefits/differences between single/mixed sex crews and take it from there ? And I shall bimble off for a nice cuppa. :)
  13. I seem to remember that quite of few of the blokes could be bitchy and vicious back in the days of all male crews.
    Anyone locked up together for long periods is going to get like that, it is our nature as animals.
    What is happening now is what has to be dealt it is as simple as that, things change.
  14. I've been on ships prior to 90 when women first went to sea and have served on ships since too. I was onboard the Invincible in Nov 90 when 80 of them joined overnight, it was a bit of a shock, but once the novelty wore off they soon became part of the team. No matter how much Jack drips about it they are there to stay!
  15. Quite right Taloolah. Thank you.

    Before my time in the RN, I had worked for a company that refused to employ women. Even the secretaries were male.

    Being an all male environment the atmosphere was similar to the forces in those days. It was pretty aggressive at times and totally mysoginistic. They refered to women as "maggots"! I found it a bloody awful place to work and only stayed four months.

    The forces have always been rough and ready organisations. So I was wondering whether the introduction of women on-board has had a more civilising affect on the blokes and if so, is that a good thing for a fighting ship.

    Also is there a genuine feeling of comradeship regardless of gender?
  16. 'Maggots' ? Well now. That's interesting. Perhaps time away at sea allowed such bodies to reflect on their Mother Issues and reasons why they would chose women who bled them dry. :) Or just a way of bluffing through past memories of old hurts...who knows ?

    Last point....a close friend of mine ( female buddy) served for three years aboard ship and hated every minute of it. If she so much as spoke to a male, it was automatically assumed she was sleeping with him.Sad, but true.

    Intro of women may make things calmer, as long as they are of the mature variety and don' take umbridge at the slightest comment ( on the positive side).
    Downside's been discussed.
  17. In '92 on the Invince we had nearly a 100 wrns, or whatever they are called now. 4 po's in the mess, 3 married, who were shagging out of watch and 1 single who wasnt? One of my girls was caught giving a bj to one guy on the chaf sponson, the other didnt as she was a tight arse who wanted to go SD. The girls had their ablutions right beside them but the lads, Senior and Junior had to walk quite a bit away?
    Shagging was rampant, even at officer level. There was a very funy incident between the Jimmy and NBCDO, and anyone who was on there in '92 will now about, dare I say Thunderflash!!!
    90 % of the girls were good, but then only 75% of the lads were, so...
  18. In my experience yes, there was a small shift to the way the men behaved on board.

    However, that said there has also been a shift in the manner in which women behave on board as well.

    Way back in the days when women were first allowed to serve on board, there were several species of females floating around. There were the ones that would shoot their mouth off at any opportunity to cry foul on gender equality (these ones are still very much around but in a second generation mode and really not too sure what to cry foul over anymore, so they sound like whingers most of the time). Now in some cases, these particular species did some good on getting a number of male dominated areas of employment to accept females however, much to my own embarassment, this kind of female sets a bad and awkward environment for the second kind of species. The ones that just want to do a job and get it done well.

    Most of the lads by the time they met up with the second group, had had their fill with the first lot, always demanding that things change, causing rifts in working relationships and generally making women out to be a stereotype of lesbian, male wannabes. The ones in the second grouping usually had to fight their way through the left over stereotypes and preceptions that had now, entrenched themselves in the work environment. In my experience, I had to work harder, be smarter, keep my mouth shut and just do the job and put up with crap that was all based on the NIMBY mindset.

    It was dissappointing for me as a female MARS Officer, to have to wade through the mess that a previous generation of females had left for me in the way of how the male colleagues preceived us. Going MARS was hard enough, let alone adding in the additional baggage of proving that the gender thing wasn't an ongoing problem.

    There was a third group of females that found their way into the open trades and those were the husband hunters, male wharehouse shoppers and mattresses. The odd thing with this group was it didn't matter that the trades werenow open to them, they could have succeeded in their hunt regardless of what they were doing. It just made it harder for the second group to carry out their jobs while they tripped over the third group flirting, sleeping, fcking with the men.

    The fourth group is the most problematic as they continue to walk the line on what gender integration is really all about. These are the women who want the open trades, but aren't physically capable of carrying out all the requirements of the trade. I'm of the school that given any amount of training that a female can and will become fit enough to be on a level playing field with the males but it does take a lot of work and most basic training and pre-enrollment fitness levels don't even come close to getting a female up to snuff. This particular group, I believe, are the ones that p iss off the men the most. (hell, they p iss me off too) I'm also of the school that if you want to be employed in a trade that has a high demand for phyical fitness then it is the member's responsibility to obtained and maintain that level of fitness - not to attempt to have the overall level of the trade lowered because one can not resist the fat pills and coffee - regardless of gender.

    However, I think now what we have, at least in my Navy, is a critical mass of the second group of females that simply want to do their job. Time is what afforded it to find its balance. I also think that the men have come to terms with it and there is no longer a collective gasp from a crew when a female crosses the brow with their kit in hand. They too, have learned to peg the groups and adjust accordingly.

    What I have also found in my experience is that those militaries that continue to bar females from some trades continue to struggle with the whole gender issue. Once we opened all trades here, there was no where for the dinosaurs to hide out and insist that women can't/won't/shouldn't be here.

  19. Oooooo yes please! :razz: :lick:
  20. From a femails point of view I think that says it all. Good post.

    A just as balanced and elequent reply from a male please.

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