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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by kenkim, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. Now I know this subject must have been brought up before but I am very new to the forum. I tried to search for this subject but couldn't come up with anything.

    Anyway, as I said in my previous post about the RN uniform, I attended my son's passing out at HMS Raleigh recently, and I have to say I found it a little unsettling to see a female leading hand attempting to bark out the orders on the parade ground.
    I can't explain my discomfort but I just didn't like it.

    Way back whenever it was, when the decision was made to allow gays in the armed forces, I knew it would be impossible to stop females from serving on ships for much longer, and so it was.

    Like I said before, I am a bit of a dinosaur, but I was just wondering what the general feeling was on the subject of girls serving at sea.

    On board the ships I served in, most of the humour surrounded the general light-hearted abuse of women and that could go on safe in the knowledge that there weren't any about to offend.
    Jack must be slightly suffocated these days, and his general banter reduced as a consequence. Is this leading to a new lesser Jack?
  2. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Be very careful on this subject. I once asked a similar naieve question and was shot down in flames... Have a look at 'The Modern Navy' post and you will see what I mean.
  3. Can you direct me to the link?
  4. Most of the guys left in the Navy these days don't know any different, and those that do, have either accepted it or agree with it. Besides, if there were'nt women at sea today, we wouldn't be able to "man" the ships that we have left.

    Personally, as an ex Senior Rate, I'm glad I left before it happened.
  5. I served (as a senior rate) on two ships (both operational) with female sailors. Illustrious, and Dumbarton Castle.

    Personally, I wished my time had expired, before it happened.
  6. Would you mind elaborating Dit_Dah_Dit?
  7. No I don't mind elaborating.

    I wished my time had expired BEFORE females were alllowed to sea.

    Does that elaborate it enough for you?

    Although I had already served 16 years before females went to sea. I was never asked what my feelings were on the subject of allowing women to sea.
  8. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator


    Here we go again
  9. Thats what my mess mates said when we were told " ..... make it happen"
  10. Is that you Norman?
    Get over it, it's been what 18 years?
    I should think the old sailors who served in Nelsons day bemoaned the introduction of steam, the phasing out of Powder Monkeys and the lack of Press Gang activity in seaside towns.
    If having women aboard is the only way the Navy's commitments can be fulfilled then there ain't much choice is there?
    Well they could pack it all in scrap the ships and go on the dole or summat, but then whose going to ferry Royal about on our cruises?
  11. Oh look its NZ Bootneck - part of the clique.

    I served in the RN for 24 years shippers. Did my bit. And put up with quite a lot of shit. I do hope your comments please the rest of the committee.

    I also served on two ships that had RM detachments. HMS Endurance, and HMS Bristol. Got to know quite a lot of them, who still attend our reunions. I must put the question in this thread to them, at this years.
  12. Wrong way round shippers. Women were serving at sea long before the closet door was fully opened for good :thumright:

    Personally I never had a problem with having women onboard. I suppose it's probably because none of them worked in my department :thumright:
  13. I don't get that comment, as women served on Ships long before Gays were accepted.

    If anybody does not like serving with women, they always have another couple options, Submarines or the Civvy branch.
  14. Yes I'm part of the realist clique, I accept that unless women serve on ships there won't be a Royal Navy worth the name.
    There is no committee that vets posts and Moderators are just as entitled to express their opinions as anybody else.
    Just to enlighten you, Moderators have no more rights, except in the Forum which they moderate (Mine being the RMR forum), than any other member.
    Just because I don't agree with you doesn't give you the right to imply that 'Big Brother' is watching you.
    For someone who's served the time you've done I'd expect a little bit more of a grown up rebuttal than that. where you a Stoker?
  15. Kill em all!!

    Let god sort em out......
  16. Women should be In the kitchen or knitting. send back the darkies and lock up all the queers.
  17. Nothing personal in this at all.

    Women at sea. A simple no.

    No problem ashore or other work. But at sea a definate no.

    Worked with them as a wafu on squadrons in the early days of wren aircraft mechanics and used to get really pee'd off having to fetch and carry heavy tool boxes. Then get told to do this and do that because wren !!! needed to chop early as she was seeing her boyfriend!!! WTF. Tends to make a mark in the memory.

    Sorry I have a tainted old attitude to them on warships.

    I experienced it briefly on a Dutch ship and didn't like the experience to be honest.

    I appreciate due to Political Correctness etc. it has to happen. But I am, as an individual entitled to think it's a load of b*lloxs
  18. ...steady on NZ :eek:mg: :mrgreen:
  19. I worked with them on the Glasgow, Cornwall and Anglesey. I worked on the Newcastle which was an all male ship.

    I had good times all on ships but I prefered the Newcastle without wrens. My personal experience is that you only get a handful of wrens that pulled there finger out to get where they are today. I saw too many getting taskbooks signed for getting tit's out or shagging a senior rate. Too many used the excuse of the blob etc. Rape accussions cos Jack wouldn't leave wife or f**ked of with a local girl when got alongside. Jack fighting each other over a wren.(Safeguard all this)

    Unfortunately the majority of the wrens gave the few good ones a bad name.

    Where as on the Newcastle didn't have any of the above. I found it a much better working environment personally.

    Do I agree with wrens at sea. Yes and No I am still split on that thought. But my opinion is based on my experiences during my time.

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