Women gods finest invention however....

Recorded Ripping Yarns Tomkinsons schooldays on Gold a few days ago, fcuk all to watch tonight so I flick through the recorded channels and think that was funny 20 years ago whats it like now??? me pissing myself laughing Mrs S bored to fcuk off to bed with a glass of vino and her book, me thoroughly entertained couldn't find a link so if anyone can help this IT dinosaur and post it I'm sure you Lli'ers who havent seen it would be suitably amused.
Yeah Wits found those but a 10 minute clip doesn't do the series enough justice, I particularly like the part where the commentator statesthe 2nd formers were busy in their favourite occupation nailing the first formers to the school wall and engaging them in fights with the school Grizzly Bear fcuking classic.
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