Women at sea

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. Hmmmmmm WRNs at sea??

    Not such a recent occurence then:


    But thank god our job has changed somewhat:
    "There is, however, a clear distinction to be made between those who visited the ship to further their trade, the oldest profession in the world, who left when the ship sailed and those who were there when the ship sailed, often with the collusion of the ship's officers. Of those living aboard the ship, they appeared to represent the social classes in that there were the women who served the needs of men and others who served the officers.[​IMG]

  2. I have a bad feeling now about posting this....................[​IMG]
  3. Q. How many men should it take to clean the heads?

    A. None. It's a WRNS' Job. :pirat:

    (I know WRNS no longer exist, they're just matelots with lumpy jumpers)
  4. Ahhh, I think that feeling is welling up in most of our mouths BrazenHussy? Cheers!! Think you singularly put back women's rights back 100 years??
  5. Should never have been given the vote. :biggrin:
  6. So thats how the S&S branch started
    very informative :rambo:
  7. Women at sea? - I think you are missing the larger question - what are they doing out of the kitchen in the first place?
  8. Oh get over it - its only a joke - god!!!
    If I can take the piss out of women at sea (and I've been there- surely u can!!??)
    And just to prove i can joke about myself here is proof (me on fearless '96!!)
  10. Not getting into an argument- all i meant was times``have changed - yet you seem to want to turn it around!!!

    I bloody give up--- I meant no offence- and its not like i only did a dog watch!
  11. ladies.............. breath please..............
    i for one found it interesting... just goes to show that even way back then things were not as they were thought to be......
  12. thanks babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[​IMG]
  13. thanks for the crotch shot BH... when are you going to show the one with your socks AND your shorts off?

  14. Was a good phot "Jarhead", well impressed , better without the shorts and socks i agree , :thumright: :thumright:
  15. We've had women at sea for ages n ages on boats. Only we called 'em stewards. If it wasn't for the crumb brushes one of the lads would have to look after the Nigels. So they had a use after all!
  16. Wish I had a lumpy jumper to sleep on instead of my old sleeping bag. Lumpy jumpers went to sea after my time. Mind you though, some of the Lumpy's were more rough looking shoreside than my sleeping bag!

    I thought the whole idea for matelots (male of) to go to sea was to get away from Wrns and meet some real women.............??

    Helmet, flak jacket, crotch box, all donned. Incoming....
  17. Socks with sandals, BH?
  18. ewwwwww-- as if!! "So last season"!!
    Nah- dms for me hun, dabber!!!
    I got the crap shorts socks and dms rig- trendy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Image - shorts, blue stockings and bats - nah, just does not do it for me. Especially when they have legs like Don Estelle. :)
  20. cheers mate!!!!!!![​IMG]

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