Women and Tools.

This was an exchange of Texts between me and my other half today;

Her. What size Drill Bit for a size 8 plug.
Me. 8mm. (I am a bit worried by this).
Her. Blunt ended Masonry drill.
Me. Yes.
Her. Where are the picture hooks?
Me. Utility room. (I am even more worried, how big is the picture I wonder).
Her. The drill won't go into the wall far enough. (Oh dear).
Me. Which Drill are you using.
Her. Yours.
Me. I know it must be mine but which Drill.
Her. The small Green Bosch one.
Me. Have you set it to Hammer.
Her. How do I do that.
Me. Move the lever near the chuck.
Her. Oh. Yes, like a hot knife through Butter but I think the hole is a bit big now.
Me. You can leave it until I get home if you like.
Her. It's OK, I've drilled another hole. I'll fill the other one in.

Women, don't you just love em!
Can't wait to see what she's been up to.

P.S. She's just asked where the foot pump is. I don't have one as I have a Compressor. I hope she doesn't ask! :(
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