WOMEN and TATTOOS - Love or hate women with tattoos?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by fly_past, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Personally the best tattoo I ever saw was on an octogenerian lady who had a tattoo just above her pubic hair line the 'motto' "Tunnel of Love - see below".

    Dont ask why or how i saw it but..... no I was sober , and wasn't out on the pull!

    Tower this is ghostrider requesting a flypast.......
  2. It has to be street cred for a woman to wear a tattoo. Canna see know other reason.
  3. Not too keen on tattoos at all - I can't really see the attraction, especially those supposedly artistic and meaningful celtic armbands or stars on the foot etc - pretty tacky.

    Although not as tacky as some of the "Tramp Stamps" you see just above women's arses when they're wearing crop tops & low slung jeans - ugh! :puker:
  4. Not a fan really - they look SO bad on women when they are older. That said a lady once showed me a humming bird that she had on the inside of her upper thigh with the bird's long bill going into that 'special place'. Mind you that was some time ago and its probably stretched to the size of an Andean Condor by now!!
  5. i have tats.. 3 of them........ for me they each have a reason for being...
    but i do feel that tats on a woman should be feminine.........
    And yes when I'm a old grandma I will say with pride why I have them to my grandchildren
  6. Reminds me of a woman in the sixties who had "mild" tattoed on one breast and "bitter" on the other in letters about 1 inch high, they are probably about 1 foot high now! :pukel:

    Even better is the description here in Germany of tattoos just above the rear end, they're called "arse antlers".
    Strangley enough I am not a fan of tattoed ladies, could be something to do with an experience in Hamburg many years ago!
  7. I dont mind a few classy type ones, maybe on a ankle or wrist but when you walk around Guz and see women with them all over their upper chests and shoulder blades it looks gopping.
  8. I'm not a lover of tattoos on either sex. But do not like seeing them on a woman. Why anyone pays for something which disfigures them for life is beyond me.
  9. Tattoos on a woman are very sexy, but not jailhouse tatts on the arms, maybe a shoulder, tit, back or legs.
    Just gotta pop to the heads for a bit.............
  10. I quite like them on women as long as they are not 'openly' on show all the time such as on their arms, lower legs or breasts.

    I do like them on the lower back and also just above the pubic area if they are well done and not too trashy. Things like 'keep off the grass' etc are just too naff in my view.

    Why do some of these young girls think that having Celtic bands all over their arms and legs makes them look cool.

    Each to their own in the end I suppose, but keep it subtle girls as its far better.
  11. Oh i fall into the tatooed lady category!!!!
    I have 2- one one my lower back- and one on the inside of my left wrist!
  12. As long as the one on your lower back doesn't say something like "pound away jack", I think you'll be just fine :D
  13. Hmm i have fallen into a tattooed lady as well ^~
  14. PMSL-- no- "after gangway CLOSED!!"
  15. They always used to be a lower deck thing didn't they. With our diverse and inclusive society, maybe one now does whatever the hell one want's or whatever is deemed fashionable. People will be clapping their hands during funerals next.
  16. Had nothing to with fashion- i had mine and my OH initials tatooed on my lower back- and then an N and a T on the inside of my left wrist.
    Would never have my boob, arm or legs done- but its`each to their own.
  17. Hmm a couple of nice props on yer ass cheeks lol
  18. dam should 've thought of that- the OH s an ex LMEM(L)- he would appreciate it I'm sure!!!!!!!
  19. Its when they have instructions for use on certain areas that really puts you off, even more so when they have faded through use :pukel:
  20. Unless they were clanky props!!!

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