Women and children in combat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, May 15, 2006.

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  1. Although probably not entirely a new idea, women and children in war,the thought of a face to face situation in combat with a woman or child certainly creates conflict in my mind after a lifetime of following the practice of not harming either in fact helping and protecting, women and children first sort of thing.
    Tthe latest moves in warfare with terrorists and all the other sneakies I'm not sure how I would react if faced with a young woman or child, armed to the teeth with an intent to kill me. Can you imagine blowing a young woman or child away despite the realisation they will kill you if they can. No doubt in the actual situation killing would not be a problem but when the old training of no kill comes to mind it would be difficult to live with perhaps after actually butchering such an opponent whether by bullet or bayonet.
    Rather relieved I am too old to get into that situation and prefer the old or conventional style of man to man although , with age, any form of killing becomes less appealing,

  2. Nothing new in this though, both women and kids were trained to kill in the Vietnam war.

    When it's you or them - you will kill regardless I think
  3. I think the difficulty with terrorists and the like lies in identifying combatants from non-combatants regardless or age or sex.
  4. When the Algerians were fighting for independence from the French they used women to carry explosives and arms in the knowledge that any searches would imflame Muslim opinion, regardless of the facts. Under these circumstances they become legitimate targets.
  5. Just as the allies made great use of women and young persons in various resistance groups over Europe. The reality is, what ever we may think, that women are and have always been very important in unconventional warfare.

  6. I have seen women in the Golani regiment of israel giving the enemy a damn good pasting, with the right training a woman can be an efficient fighter. Not so happy about kids though...
  7. It would be a tough call and could come down to you or them but consider whether you want your family to suffer the loss if you didn't act? When it hits the fan self preservation generally kicks in.

    Even if you were able to remove yourself from the situation without firing then you would have to consider that by taking no action you could be putting one of your mates lives at risk as they go after another target.

    An interesting fact I heard recently is that when the Multi National Forces go about in Iraq many hand out sweets and bottled water to the kids on the streets. These are saved up and sold off with the money being used to buy necessities to shoot at and blow us up. Conversely, if you don't give out sweets, etc they throw bricks at your windows. Now that is something which has given me a clear perception of life in that particular corner of the world.
  8. When some one has no other options but unconventional war then every trick in the book becomes OPK, and your comments explain just why women and kids are used in such circumstances, a slight delay or withdrawl can give them the edge.

    I think you will find that type of reaction from local kids is nothing peculiar to that part of the world, French kids did the same with the Germans and German kids did the same to the allies in WW2. Almost all servicemen and women have a soft spot for kids, kids exploit it, always have and always will, and if they have contact with the resistance, or what ever you wish to call it, your kindness will be exploited. On the other hand most of the kids like most of the people are just the same as any one else and are greatful for what is given.


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