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The Long Story (BTW - Skip this if you are only into Visuals)

<<..,.Poster insert for Queen album Jazz, 1978 .

The story to this poster and album is that the song, "Bicycle race" was written in France after watching the Tour de France bicycle race by his hotel. This song was ran back to back on the album with "Fat Bottomed Girls". Wherever Queen played, bicycle shops sold out of bells bought by fans to ring during the show. Queen staged a bicycle race around Wimbledon stadium in England to promote the single. 65 professional models were hired to race nude.

The bikes were rented and story has it the company that owned bikes refused to take them back unless seats replaced!

This poster was left out of some album copies for stores that did not want to carry, but could be mail ordered. At a 1978 concert in Madison Square Garden, Queen recreated having women with very little clothing ride bicycles around the stage.

This poster is in very good condition, has the three folds from being inside album and a fold on left corner which is on the bottom of each page due to fold. Not very noticeable on poster more on all pink back of poster. 1978 Raincloud Productions Limited.

Printed in USA. Definitely worth framing for your collection!...>>

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