Women. An appreciation.


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In order to maintain a decent standard on this here thread, I've got to be careful not to go beyond the NSFW border line. Practically every Internet forum I peruse has a sub thread just like this one. The job of sifting, picking and posting is not an easy task but I hope that the choices I make stay within the rules and regulations. I'm sure that the Board of Directors of Navy-Net would let me know if I had transgressed. Anyway -
good morning!



@BillyNoMates ....... sometimes transgression is good for the soul, despite any potential for retribution from the Mods. I feel sure that we, your faithful followers, would quickly form a protest group in the event of your persecution. Therefore ....... transgress away!

That is all ............


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You could always send the really risky ones to me so I can vet them..all to maintain site integrity you understand :p


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The following images have all been ripped from various Ukrainian dating websites, in the interest of research. Seems to be a lot of unattached flange over there.



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