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Good to see you back, BNM, but why the imminent return to the land of dangerous creatures? (According to BBC News, you need to beware of the horses more than the spiders or snakes). This Antipodean thing is catching, my stepson and his partner are suffering withdrawal symptoms, and they’ve been back here for two years!

And why choose the biggest island in the New Zealand group?


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Need an adventure before I croak. Just booked a train trip Perth to Melbourne. Travelling time approx 32 hours. WolfPackLeader is going to be chuffed!



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In the interest of fairness with Sir Andy Murray hogging the headlines this week I think it's quite right his missus gets some coverageKS (1).jpgKS (1).pngKS (7).jpgKS (3).jpgKS (5).jpgKS (6).jpg
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Just booked a train trip Perth to Melbourne
Stay in Perth. The beaches are nicer and the weather's better :)

The Indian Pacific is quite good fun but I hope you've booked some sort of sleeper service or else Mrs BNM will be less than chuffed. I think one of the old dears in Cook has croaked, so the town population is down to three now. Quite the happening place and one lucky lady with the two remaining blokes! Presumably you'll stop in Kalgoorlie and see the big hole in the ground where they dig out yellow metal? You suddenly realise how big the hole is when you see the teeny truck come up and then it cuts out all the light from the sun, 'cos it's that huge. Bring your wallet for Mrs BNM and opals in Adelaide. Bring your make-up for sitting around like a ponce and sipping coffee in Melbourne.

Cook. It's not quite as exciting as the lovelies you post, so I'll shut up and let normal service resume.

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My trip on the train has been cancelled....overbooked apparently, so now we're off to Bali for a week. Going to immerse myself in the local culture, and hopefully get some beach time. Now.....where the f*ck did I put my mirrored sunglasses?


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