Women. An appreciation.

Grammar police ! Sumo I believe you mean ' their leaves' ??

Also are all those beach photos taken at Wembury ? Wow I used to go there and never saw any of those comely lasses!!!
Glad you are not orffenderd ! Cos ya I'm not a 'reel Grammar policeperson' its coz I teech Orstralian sayla matelots! so I find myself getting awfully pedantic about them (RAN stokers) using the Queen's English correctly!
If they don't speek proper I get 'jolly cross' you see !
It also annoys them when I remind them they are serving in HMAS Cerberus i.e Her majesty's ship ... etc
anyhow it keeps me amused :) Great website BTW and the comments are very nostalgic because another disadvantage of being here is that Australians just don't GET the banter !!!! :rolleyes:
Keep up the good work