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Woman weighing 42st 'left to die'


Lantern Swinger
The thing I don't get is it says she can't move out of the room so her husband must be giving her the food. So if he stopped giving her so much food she would lose weight and then he could go back to work.


War Hero
Lamri said:
no no no, lift one of her tits up and lick underneath!!

You obviously havent had the pleasure of putting ECG electrodes on an old dear with tits around her ankles. "I'm just going to lift your breast up and stick these dots underneath dear" And afterwards i'll tuck them back in her socks. kinell :shock:


nutty_bag said:
Lamri said:
no no no, lift one of her tits up and lick underneath!!

You obviously havent had the pleasure of putting ECG electrodes on an old dear with tits around her ankles. "I'm just going to lift your breast up and stick these dots underneath dear" And afterwards i'll tuck them back in her socks. kinell :shock:

We see just the same in Main Theatres , wont even mention the toe nails , uuuurrrrggg , :???:


War Hero
Book Reviewer
slim said:
Some people really do take the piss

Is she after another £5000 a week treat? :evil:

Come on though - you would though, wouldn't you..? :twisted:

Sharon Mevsimler has been confined 24-hours a day for the past 18 months to one room at her Chelmsford, Essex, house where her husband, Bulent, has given up work as a chef to look after her.

I think you know who's to blame for feeding her crap... :wink:
I agree with Whitemouse. She's already refused cheaper treatment that will help her and has clearly not benefitted from the costly treatment she received earlier. The root of the problem would appear to be her husband's lack of will. He should leave her with a mini fridge in her room stuffed with lettuce and tomatoes and containers full of plain water. He should then pack his bags and spend 8 guiltless weeks undergoing basic training at Raleigh. He'll feel better and when he gets back, she'll be a lot slimmer.

Her demands for surgery are completely unreasonable. Even at my weight which is half her weight (yes I weigh that much) I've been told that it would be dangerous to operate on me for anything unless I lose weight.

If she and hubby want the treatment then THEY should pay for it. :mad: :mad: :mad:

I want my National Insurance to go to the deserving, like Alzheimer patients who have been in the Forces or done extensive unpaid public service during their lifetimes.
Bad enough that Shamu doesn't have the self discipline to lose weight herself, but the fact that her NOK doesn't kick her sizeable arese is unforgivable.
I know a fat cow in the UK who isn't anywhere near that size, but because she is a wide load she got varicose veins and the quacks wouldn't operate on her until she lost weight. She still didn't do it, it astounds me that these freaks put their health and life in danger and the doc is blunt and says you MUST lose weight and still they keep munching.
Must be a mental thing.
Personaly I blame the muslims and gays.


War Hero
I bet she'd soon lose some weight if her hubby fecked off for a 3 month sabbatical to Bangkok. A (distant) relative in a similar situation seems to use her weight as an emotional control mechanism in order to get her family to run around after her. People like that give honest hard drinking fatties a bad name!
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