Woman weighing 42st 'left to die'


I cannot stand wasters who want things for free all the time. If she wants all that money, she has to earn it. Send her round all the primary schools to show all the kids that they too will end up looking like a fat twat if they continue to eat crap.


Lantern Swinger
its not her fault her hands and mouth are obviously on auto pilot . Why doesnt her dear ole hubby do the easiest thing and not have food in the house just buy what she needs every A lettuce and 2 tomatoes . If she cant get out of the house she cant buy food therfore she will lose weight prob solved free from nhs funds (my tax money )
If she has refused alternative treatment then she has no right to complain.

Obviously her husband was/is not interested in her enough to stop her eating, maybe he needs a slapping to pull himself together

I wonder how many Alzheimer patients that this £65K spent in the Priory could have been provided with the necessary drug to allow them a longer life ?