Woman MP demands hookers for the troops


Lantern Swinger
Jack77 said:
Is she volunteering her own services? And would they be for everyone or only for soldiers from her own electorate?
believe me, if you'd know her you'd be glad to spill yours in your wnak sock!



Lantern Swinger
I've always said that a good contribution would be £2 per month LDA deduction on the pay statement. It stands for Lap Dancing Allowance and it'd pay for a stripper to dance once a month on the mess square table for a few minutes. Given that I've never won a penny on the sports lottery it makes sense to me.
O.K., no-body has said it, you are all gentlemen, now where is Jack to suggest Wrens at Sea........

Tin Hat - Check
S10 - Check
Nutty - Check
Goffa - Check
Filter - Oh Sh1t!!!
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