Woman knocks out Guardsman


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I thought that this was normal behaviour for the Guards 8O

In her police interview, read to the court, Wolfe claimed she reacted when she saw male British squaddies "kissing" and "grinding" on the dancefloor.

In the interview she said: "All these guys started kissing each other and humping each other.

"They were kissing each other, holding each other and grinding, basically having sex with clothes on standing up. I'd say there were about seven guys dancing around, off and on.
It seems her husband is an unarmed combat instructor.
He probably needs to be to defend himself against his own missus when they have a row. :lol:
Ironically had she been a male she could have claimed provocation (the classic defence for burgulars who kill male householders who intercept them) but this loop hole (the gay panic defence: alias the murderers' charter) does not apply to women. It works on the novel basis that if a man thinks he may be sexually assaulted by a homosexual male he will lose control and may kill the alleged attacker. If a woman thinks she is going to be raped by a man or sexually assualted by a woman she does not have a similar defence other than pleading she was acting in self defence. The latter is harder to prove, for some reason.

In this case I am rather suprised that she wasn't given an additional penalty for what, on the surface at least, seems to have homophobia as a motivating factor.
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