Woman bombing Syria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by danny, Sep 27, 2014.

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    Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri is reported to have been leading bombing strikes by the UAE airforce over Syria. I find it utterly brilliant that a hardline group of mentally deficient muslims are having bombs dropped on their heads by a woman they would stone to death or worse if they could only get their hands on.


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  2. I wonder if her Anti Gee equipment incudes an Anti Gee String?
  3. I wear a bandanna under my flying helmet,myself.Stops the sweat from the old bald head running into my eyes.Might go for that headscarf look though now.See she takes no chances. Lifejacket over the desert....;)
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  4. Who would need a life jacket flying over the gulf ;).
  5. Good persec by the UAE crowd, just give out her name, rank and photo to the world for any nutter to have a go at her and her family.

    One thing the Middle East isn't short of is nutters.
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  6. Pedant..:)
  7. If they've got them ...
  8. They've probably got some inbound as we speak!
  9. Drones seem to be in atm, she could of hopped onto one of them
  10. The daily mail (I know I shoudnt read it) were saying a certain A boat was on station so I woudnt be surprised to see a token effort for good PR.
  11. If it hasn't run aground yet
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