Woman arrested over alleged care home abuse

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, May 3, 2014.

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  1. A woman has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a resident at an Essex care home after an undercover BBC Panorama investigation.

    The woman, in her 40s, was held on Friday by police probing alleged abuse at the Old Deanery in Braintree.

    Seven staff have been sacked from the home, run by Anglia Retirement Homes Ltd, after Panorama appeared to show a resident with dementia being hit.

    The arrested woman has been released on bail pending further inquiries.

    Essex Police launched an investigation after the programme appeared to show residents being taunted, roughly handled, ignored and left in their own excrement at the 93-bed home, which costs up to £700 a week.

    A police spokesman said: "Essex Police were denied an advance viewing of the programme so were only able to begin an investigation following its nationwide broadcast on Wednesday.


    I watched this programme earlier in the week and if found guilty I hope they throw the book at her, the footage shown was sickening.

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  2. Its a strange world we live in...........in many ways we've moved on at breakneck speed.......in others we're still back in the dark days of Dickens, and Victorian 'Institutions,' where abuse of the vunerable was common practice. I hope those responsible are made to suffer, and not just a slap on the wrist.
  3. If, to wring as much profit as you can out of caring for the elderly and infirm, you employ untrained people with very limited personal resources and extremely poor socialisation in order to keep the wage bill down, this is what you'll get, always.
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  4. Funding for care is a complex issue and to be fair there are some excellent residential care and nursing homes out there. There needs to be a much more rigorous inspection policy put in place by the Care Quality Commission, unannounced inspections in middle of the night would be a good starting point and when someone does blow the whistle swift action must be taken, this has not been the case in the past.

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  5. My 91 year old mother is in a care home in Horden (North East of England) This is an old mining town and the home she is in is run by The Aged Miners Homes as a charity.
    It really is fantastic fees are reasonable at less than £500 a week, everyone pays the same whether the fees are paid privately or by the local council (as are my mothers) so private payers are not subsidising the others.
    The home is well run, bright clean and airy with no stench of pee.
    Food is excellent, but best of all............they have........................TOT TIME!
    About 1130 the drinks trolley is brought around, choice of spirit or a sherry.
    RR members wanting to participate best get yer names down quick:glasses8:
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  6. Sounds like my kind of 'God's waiting room'.........do they have 'uckers as well?
  7. We're back on the subject of abuse then?
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  8. They have board games but the residents are too senile to play them, there would be too many up board decisions.:(
    They do have live entertainment spme Tuesday afternoons, paid for by in home fundraising. Last year they had a DTS at a working mans club in Easington Colliery (next village), think they all got a bit pissed. When my mother told me about it I did not believe her (due to her senility) however some time later my sister found outit was true:glasses8:
    There are good homes around but they seem hard to find.

  9. Unfortunately Finks CQC while being the "regulatory body" is not perhaps all its cracked up to be. To start with the "score" is derived from how the Inspector feels on that day (taking his/her experience into account) ... so basically even if the home has got it's "sh*t together" ... if the Inspector has got a cobb on that particular day you is going down - which also basically means that no two Inspectors are singing from the same hymn sheet! One home may get a VG Sup from one Inspector yet another which is working exactly the same gets a rescrub from a different Inspector! There are Care Standards however they don't actually measure your performance against them. One of their big test in Hospitals is whether the Staff would recommend the hospital to their "friends and family" - its all done subjectively rather than objectively! Bit like doing a BOST but they don't look at standards and protocols just what mood the sea rider was in!

    If you fancy looking at the CQC health providor hand book - its up for review and they are asking for feedback! But I have yet to find anything that says that they audit (both the care home OR themselves for consistency) or refer to any "standards" in their assessment.


    As others have said Funding is a big issue for Care Homes ... Central Govt funding is very hard to come by these days - Care Commisioners want something for nothing so the money for looking after Great Uncle Earnie comes either from the residents fees (almost all care homes a privately run) ... and those homes which are contracted to the NHS to provide some care beds get the bare minimum to pay for it ... yet the Commisioners then expect certain training to be in place which the care home has to fund so the burden is again on the fees paid for Uncle Earnie. End result is that the money which is left to pay staff is peanuts ... and as we all know if you pay peanuts you get monkeys!
  10. Maybe previous governments should have invested our oil and gas money for the future instead of using it to buy votes . Looking to the future and the good of the people has never been a priority for governements IMHO.

    Cynical moi? Maybe.

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