Wolves are Champions 2009

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rookie-WWFC, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. Well it's about as relevant as "I passed my medical".
  2. congrats, rather you than Birmingham
  3. Welcome to the premiership from the potters, it'll be nice having 3 points waiting just down the road
  4. I'm a Leicester City fan, and we are also Champions 2009 :p
  5. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    You're all kissball fags! Ducking down now!
  6. WOW lets all have a FU$$ing a great big WAZ ??
  7. ???????????
  8. well done!!

    Woves will be another premiership team that goes up and then goes straight back down, just like west brom, but just look at stoke city, they have a crap away record but have done well at home, i hope that Reading goes up via the playoffs.

    As to say as a Man U fan, we have the premiership almost wrapped up and away from the scouse pricks!!
  9. AFC Wimbledon promoted to Blue Square Premier.
    Founded in 2002 after the MK Dons debacle. :)
  10. Ah, someone else from the West Country.
  11. So whys he a Man U fan again? It's like me saying I'm a Chicago bulls fan then ranting on about ho good they are at basketball. Glory Glory Wolverhampton anyday none of this Glory Glory hunters. Well done to Wimbledon and good luck to Leeds. As for us going straight back down we'll see next season, I think if you knew anything about Wolves at the moment though you wouldn't write them off so quickly. We've got milllllllllllllllions to spend. Ronaldo was seen buying a bottle of milk in the asda the other day, you heard it here first.
  12. Spend those millions on defence Rookie, shipping over 50 goals as Champs is not good. Good luck in the Prem next season.
  13. Newby: Wolves ? fcuk off - get a life....Who gives a fcuk anyway??
  14. About 24000 people at least, and yes Stirling we know, but we already spent 2.3 million in January on a Centre Half called Berra. Since he came in we've done much better defensively, luckily we're top scorers in the league, not sure if we're still top scorers in England but we were. hopefully we can get Mancienne back from Chelsea, that lad's class.
  15. I do, Im from Wolvo and Im a season ticket holder in the south bank. Up the Wolves! If Stoke can stay up there is hope for anyone, they are awful!

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