Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Eskrima, May 17, 2006.

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  1. Hello all,
    I've been lurking in the shadows for sometime now ;) and thought I should introduce myself - I'm 22 and have recently left my (dull) university course with the intention of applying for Warfare Officer. Though before applying I'm off to the the Philippines to work as a volunteer for 6 months. I was wondering if anyone has an idea on the competition for WO (SM) at the moment ? any help would be very much appreciated.


  2. In the Philippines try Angeles City, totty, totty, totty. Then Puerto Gallera, just south of Manila. If you're loaded go to Boracay, north of Panay. Cebu is OK also.

    As for warfare officer officer in submarines there was no such title when I was in.

    PS: Don't pay more than 1000 pesos for a shag ( 10 quid ).
  3. Warfare is always hard to get into - but they are always crying out for volunteer submariners. Knew a couple of guys who passed out last year and out of their whole Passing Out Parade there were 2 submariners. Means some surface guys are likely to get drafted!

    Whether they're looking for Deeps or not though - you still have to be good to get in at all! I am currently applying too so who knows, may bump into you sometime if we're both lucky enough to get in!
  4. Crying out??? it's generally closer to screaming, jumping, waving arms, and using bribery. And that's across pretty much every branch of the Navy's finest
  5. lol :D thanks for the advice Diesel. I'm heading off in September, either to Manila or Cebu city; I also study Eskrima a Filipino martial art, which I recommend to anyone if you're thinking about starting a MA. Check out - http://www.zubu-kali.co.uk/
    Originally I was was going to go for the RAF, went to the presentation they give and thought better of it ;) Hope to see you there Capt. Ahab, how's the fitness training going ?
  6. Running sucks like a Dyson! Have been going out every other night (just a mile or mile and a half but its better than nothing) Gonna get more into the whole phys side of things once my finals are over, but until then I'll be sitting on my ass revising most of the time! All the sit-ups, press-ups etc arent a problem, I just seem to be incapable of running at any decent speed!

    Sounds like AIB dates are taking 3-4 months at the minute from a few mates who sent their papers away recently. So plenty of time to get fitter!

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