WO Kev Griggs

I'm very sorry to report that I've heard through the grapevine, that WO(SA) Kev Griggs has crossed the bar.

He was the Executive Warrant Officer on Exeter during our epic Far East trip in 04.

Despite being a bit on the chunky side, he was fit as **** and would be out running or hitting the gym most evenings. He'd left the RN and was living the dream as a technical stores officer on P&O Adonia.

Yesterday while alongside in Lisbon he went for his lunchtime run round the dockyard during his scran break. Once he got back to his ship, he keeled over and died instantly from a massive heart attack. He wouldn't be far over 50.

He was a ******* good bloke. Always there for the lads. I fondly recall him doing karaoke one evening during a flight deck BBQ, while wearing a wig made of the pubes of the entire Chief's mess.

The peak of his career was undoubtedly when he turned up onboard 3 hours adrift in Vladivostock, absolutely steaming and trooped himself.

I liked him a lot. I had my leave stopped once after shaving my head. He vetoed it and told the officer who'd stopped my leave to stop being a ****.

I owe him a cracking run ashore in Okinawa.

RIP Griggsy. You were a gent.

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War Hero
Top feller, and a leader of men from day one in uniform. How do I know? He was my Class Leader at Raleigh (Frobisher 22) when we joined the mob together 29 May 1979. Smashing bloke and a great loss to the service and his family.

Fair winds and calm seas, Griggsy.

'Duff', as he used to say, apropos of **** all.

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