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Wives needed to model for the 2011 Help for Heroes calendar

Hi Ladies
Im an forces wife looking for models for this years Help for Heroes calendar called Pin up for Heroes.
Some photos may involve underwear shots, but its all very tastefully done and you will be wearing 1940's/50's clothes, so you'll be pretty much covered up. We dont care what size you are either as long as you are a forces wag.
If anyone is interested or knows anyone who might be please let me know asap.
Check out the link below to join and see some of the photos from last years calendar.
Lucy xxx!%2Fpages%2FPin-Up-for-Heroes-A-Help-for-Heroes-Charity-Calendar%2F344430256159%3Fref%3Dts&h=fc6784fc1211838714fd218108ab5d74
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