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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 92HEY92, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. I am waiting to go in as a NASE. I passed all my tests in Aug 09 and have been waiting 18 months now. Does anyone no what the waiting lists for this job is?
  2. You could be waiting for up to 48 months to join as SE. This time starts from the day you sit the RT test. It is one of the smallest branches in the RN and therefore has this long lead in time. Talk to your Careers Adviser and they will advise you accordingly.
  3. thankz, great help
  4. sounds like a good choice of job. Best of luck
  5. As you have already been told the expected waiting time for NA (SE) is approx 48 months. Hang in there and hopefully the time will pass quickly.

    As always make sure you keep in touch with your own CA who will be able to update you on your appplication and keep everything in date so you get the earliest entry date.


  6. yip thats what i am doing hanging in, considered applying to the army but desided just to wait cause this is what i really want to do, just working on my fitness.
    i take it the 48 months is the most i would be waiting?
  7. Hopefully it will not go up anymore.

  8. Naval Airman/Safety Equipment, in the FAA. Is a good trade, but alas has very little future. You might like to look at your options in the RAF...... did i just say that????
  9. Does the RAF have a similar tarde, i was considering transfering to PTI after a few years
  10. When you get in, i'm first for a dhoby bag. Cheers :)
  11. Where does the "very little future for the Survival Equipment trade come from?" There is a future in that trade and yes, the crabs do have a similar branch of the same name only they are called SE Fitters and to the best of my knowledge the branch is currently closed. The FAA SE trade is a small branch and promotion has been slow. But with promotion by selection and with the opportunity to teach survival and work with other forces - you only get out of it what you put into it........
  12. My bold :-|Could you tell me the current strength of the SE Branch??? and the establishments and NAS they now operate from?? With there being no fixed wing capability and very little rotary wing left in the FAA ??? Ps i will not be requiring a new SAR bag:-D Thanks very much.
  13. Current strength is probably about 130. Yes, SDSR has had an effect on all branches hence the long waiting time to join the SE trade. It's a shame they couldn't have put a LASE on each of the small ships flights and give them other duties as well. It would have greatly improved the branch. I remember the days of 892, 809, 849, 814, 824, 826 et al but times do change and we have to change with them. Quite a few SE rates are being mis-employed (do we call it that now) as Detcoms, drivers for CNR etc but there ARE opportunuties for SE's.
    But, I will repair that SAR bag for you but put a 731 label on it before you bring it in and do you still want a dhobey bag??????

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