Within the last 15 minutes I have.....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. Put up 2 x new light fittings (blown all the fuses twice - went to
    B & Q for some electrical information) - re-did the lights in the
    correct manner....they now work. Currently ripping down 2 x
    curtain poles and hanging 2 x new stainless steel bastards in
    their place....WolfPackLeader sez "They're not straight!" - gave
    her a damn good ignoring.....drilling new holes in the walls, she's
    gone to pick up the Grand-kids , left the heating on full - I'm
    sweating like a twat - front rooms full of dust. 1 x curtain pole
    to remove and 1 x new stainless steel curtain pole to put up.
    Just stopped for a nano-second to give you all this f***ing thrilling
    information. Pauline Quirke is on day-time TV....she's hardly a
    babe......gong back up my ladder now. Tomorrow I start a 68
    hour week of Shift-work. 4 x 10 hour Day shifts, 2 x 14 hour Night
    Shifts. It's f***ing pissing down and I've also just had a shed-load
    of X-rays done on my body at 09:00 this morning.....going down
    with Arthritis, aged 55.

    Anyone like to offer me a wee bit of sympathy?

    Just felt the need to share.

    X X X
  2. Wow you've done more in 15 minutes than I usually do in a whole day!

    In the last 15 minutes I have inspected one pair of shotgun barrels. They appear to be adequately made so no one will be losing their job today.

    I'm going to go for a shit in a bit, hopefully someone will have been good enough to leave a newspaper in there.
  3. Kin'ell you're busy. Found some sympathy on page 519 of my dictionary, between shit and syphillis. Keep up the good work. My DIY list just gets longer and longer.
  4. Sympathy......we all know where that comes in the dictionary!!!!!!

    Hope the results are good in the DIY and medical sense


  5. fcukinell...

    All I've done is make a coffee and had a massive dump!
  6. Took some DNA from a RAF Sgt....OOO eerr Mrs!!! seriously though I have. Buccal swab, put in bag, go have more tea......Life with crabair is a laugh a minute!!
  7. I have just given a demonstration flyex to 3 graders. Deep, deep joy. I have reached my nadir.
  8. I've just finished a presentation to 5 potential RN recruits and 2 RM's. Deep joy, I've got a degree in petro-chemical engineering, do you need them in the RN?? My visa runs out in 4 months what can you offer me?? I can't swim, will that matter??

    Just a usual day in East London


  9. Some things never change then. :lol:
  10. I just knocked one out to some interweb porn
  11. Ah the joy of DIY I'm a botchit and scarper kinda of guy until the Missus has her say she's an eye like a shithouse spider. Fixing the lights in the upstairs lounge this morning took down the ceiling rose and never seen so many fcuking red, black and yellow/green wires in my life. Arrested by a cardiac after 25 trips up and down stairs switching the fcuking supply on and off, painted the kitchen the wrong shade of white and currently awaiting her indoors to come home and criticise the fcuk out of me. Wish to fcuk I was back on a 6 month deployment deep joy.

    Edited for shite spelling again
  12. Just had a presentation down the AFCO, according to my recruiter being unable to swim and without a visa may cause problems in my application....
  13. Your not a fcuking suicide bomber are you???
  14. Stop dripping and crack on you loafing [email protected]
  15. I like the cut of your jib young man :wav:
  16. Finished.Cleaned up. Curtains hung. All tools flung in a
    bastard great heap in the shed. £200 quids worth of lights,
    £100 quids worth of curtain poles, £200 quids worth of curtains,
    £150 quids worth of cushions - all installed in the front room.
    Time 18:01 GMT.

    Next stop - mother-in-laws, to put up all the f***ing stuff that
    I've just taken down from our house......oh the joy, the joy.



    X X X
  17. Had a drop of decent scotch, thank you very much, good stuff!
    Don't worry about the arthritis, I've had it since I was a kid, nobody has noticed. I've done cross country running (when a lot younger) sailed through every medical. It's only really a nuisance in cold damp weather, thus a bit of a problem in the UK.
    By the way, what are you doing for the rest of the day?
  18. Not a successful one, no....
  19. ...burnt the sausages I was going to have for scran due to catching up with the threads on here. :angry1:
  20. So its you that sends them to us? :lol:

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