With frickin' laser beams


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It says the scientists will be particularly interested in the animals' health during the tests.

*cough* dog poo *cough*

Concerned about the health; what about implanting something unnatural full stop.

I think I am more concerned about the sharks! But then the I told you so phrase will come biting back once Jaws gets hungry!


More laser tricks they are playing with.

The U.S. Navy is said to be field-testing a new short-range communications device called LightSpeed that could soon let sailors talk securely up to two miles apart - just by looking at each other.

The device uses infrared to transmit audio and visual information, connected to ordinary binoculars and uses the optical lenses to amplify the signals.

Navy personnel on either end can simply plug headphones and a microphone into their binoculars to talk to one another.


The wire-guided sharks reminded me of something a po sun dodger i know from c'wood told me just before the new gulf 'conflict' kicked off.

He was on Vangard at the time and was coming into a US port for some r&r after a patrol. the yanks requested that due to the current security threat to themselves, they wanted vangard to mimick their current posture. in response to this, two sentries were posted on the casing in full kevlar sa80'd up, and two on the conn manning the gpmg's in kevlar vests and beach shorts. when finally alongside they began to lower divers into the water. obviously watching this the yanks sent a guard sprinting over to the gangway shouting frantically for the divers to get out of the water because they had 'attack dolphins' in the water! sure enough a set of fins appeared heading maxxy chat towards the berth. the divers naturally got out pretty sharpish. on a visit to one of their lp(d)'s they had an internal pool where the dolphins lived and where they were transported wherever the ship went to scout harbours before the ship would enter!

Only the Americans could do something so crazy as to turn a dolphins natural instinct of saving life to that of killing anything that moves.