With all this EU nonsense and Angela Merkel in the news…

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Oil_Slick, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Apparently the Poles got the hump over an unfair Polling system and complained the if the Jerries hadnt killed so many Poles off in the War they wouldnt be in shit street.Cant see what Frau Merkin is whinging about.
  2. If the Poles hadn't denounced so many Jews or had their own anti-Semitic pogroms against their large Jewish population (at Kielce they murdered a couple of hundred Jews in 1946, and in Jedwabne during WW2, the Poles murdered some 1600 Jewish people) they might be larger too. Of course if the Poles feel so strongly about what the nazis did to their country why are they courting the Pope, or did his voluntary membership of the Hitler Youth make him more acceptable?

    See, for example: http://www.pecina.cz/files/www.ce-review.org/01/14/orlet14.html
  3. Re: With all this EU nonsense and Angela Merkel in the news�

    So in 1939 the Germans tried to force their will upon the Poles... now they're at it again... only by different means. :eek:

  4. You seem to have conveniently forgetten the 2,500,000 Polish civilians and 500,000 members of the Polish Armed Forces killed by the Germans. And do we give the Germans a pass on the 2,800,000 Poles sent to the Reich as forced labourers, the vast majority of which were never seen again and then there is the 200,000 blue eyed and blond haired Polish children forcibly removed from their families as part of the Nazi 'Lebensborn' programme.
  5. At first I thought the Poles were on thin ice on that argument as I reasoned that Germany must have had a higher attrition rate. I was wrong. The Germans lost 11% of their 1939 value population whereas the Poles lost 19% of theirs. I confess to using http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II_casualties#Casualties_by_country as my source as I didn't have the time to research it properly. At 19%, that's the highest loss for any Nation during that time.

    Interesting that the Poles haven't been in the EU a dog watch and they are making their views clear and covering their corner. It must be quite a novelty for them.

    I don't think it overly fair holding the Pope's former membership of the Hitlerjungend against him. How many of us at the time would have said "no" "not joining"? I suppose it all depends on how much you valued the well being of your parents.

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