Wishful thinking maybe?

Wrecker proclaims Soleil the best,
Tiddlyoggy has done it again,
Their getting there slimes in early,
I wonder what's the gain?
Do they know something we don't?
Is there something going on?
Am I missing the plot here?
And am I the only one?

Last year,..twas just afore Crimbo,
They did exactly the same,
Do they get freebies or something,
Does this flattery get owt from this dame?
If so put my name on the list now,
I'm shameless and I do not care,
I could hope that it's sexual favours,
I seen pics and she has a nice pair.

Better not harp on about that though,
Other than to say "yes I would",
Except that I'd feel like a heretic,
But I always thought blasphemy "good".
Nah we would sit and talk navy,
She'd inform me of things I'd forgotten,
And all the time chatting I would keep dead "pan"
To cover I fancied her rotten.

Alas its "our Sol" so I have to behave,
And not get carried away with my fancy,
I'm good at disguises I'd act prim and proper,
She'd think she was out with a Nancy.
I'd act real polite and behave myself well,
Not letting her know I'm psychotic,
And at the end of the night when she home tucked up tight,
I could have them bad dreams,...Yeah Erotic.

Do you think I should vote for her?


War Hero
Reading that looks like you just did vote for her, may be not in away she would wish, but a votes good from any direction


War Hero
Slaggin Sol off would be a bit like pissing on the cenotaph.
Yep you point your pistol and take your chances, send her a groveling poem with flowers, it won't get you out of the shit but good for mitigation and a reduced sentence?

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