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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mooo, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. After Raleigh I was thinking about getting a wireless usb dongle. Should I bother doing this or will there be sufficient Internet access at Gosport/Yeovilton/Culdrose? If anyone else is interested 3g have a great deal for £7.50 a month over an 18-month period.
  2. Both myself and my brother who is at Culdrose at the moment, and my other brother who is in the Marines use a 3G PAYG Wireless dongle. 3GB of bandwidth (sufficent for browsing, msn, email etc) is £15 a month with no contracts.

    Ideal to be honest.
  3. Think I will get one to be honest. There is a deal on for £7.50 a month fixed :>
  4. Yea, contract right? The one i use is PAYG.

    Yea they are good mate, lots of people on base on know use them, the isn't very good internet provided especially if you want to just sit there on your own laptop.

    The 3G dongles are good, cheap, and work pretty well.
  5. Yes this is a contract but at £7.50 a month it would work out cheaper than PAYG? Even if the contract was more expensive, £135 for 18 months of use is extremely cheap.
  6. It would work out cheaper mate yep, i would of gone for it too, just didnt want to be tied down to a contract thats all.
  7. Guys, if you look near to the rear of the daily (and especially the Sunday) newspapers you can get 3 Gig of downloads a month for £7.50 with only a TEN month contract from several companies who sell Orange and other packages.

    Not sure how they do it but they do!

    Hope this helps!
  8. just a think to bear in mind 3 will not pause a contract due to deployment. Orange will, so i would be tempteted to use orange if you can.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Bear in mind you can access t'internet for free whilst on a ship & 3G GPRS broadband will only work between decks on a SRMH or Hunt class plastic ship.

    The GPRS Mobile Broadband is great up to two or three miles offshore or whilst shore-based, but like the "older" dial-up internet access, it slows down greatly during peak periods. I'd be rather surprised if you had the time to use your monthly quota of access during phase one training.
  10. only thing is though if you go over your bandwith you get charged loads for it so its best looking round and getting more for your money, becuase if you download songs,films etc you will go over it very easy
  11. The internet access provided onboard via N* is pretty well blocked, so these mobile broadband dongle doohickeys seem pretty popular amongst the lads and ladesses for Fbook,Ebay, online dating etc. My workshop accesses the upper scupper, and it resembles a cyber cafe on most evenings :thumright:
    God knows what happens when we go past Suez though.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    An interesting point- my guess is they will get severely stung financially for overseas access.

    You're right with regard the limited N* access, it's the same nationwide with very limited access. You can't even check a hotmail email account.

    I'm guessing that mobile phone signals & thus Mobile Broadband coverage is still fairly non-existent a few miles offshore?
  13. Just get one of them 3 dongles, theyre okay and they work everywhere in UK.£15 a month. I think Im right in saying the broadband/cyber cafe in Culdrose was/is shut down pending investigation of "misuse". I wouldnt use one abroad from a ship because bad lads can and do read your emails and than can target you (safeguard), depending on where you are. But perhaps thats not for here.... :rambo: :farao: :afro: :nemo:
  14. the 'cyber cafe' at CU is now open again, however, I'd still recommend getting a USB dongle thinger, since that way you can download vast amounts of porn.

    Word of (Culdrose specific) warning though, the SLAM blocks seem to be lead lined, as is Vian and the south end of Kepple, you'd do very well to get a decent signal in any of those.
  15. Ninj, I'm completely out of touch here. Can your basic AB/OD take on board a laptop, phone or whatever and communicate with whoever or whatever ?

    I only ask cos I had to front up at skippers table for ordering the Morning Star.
  16. I'm constatly suprised at ow often I can get a phone signal at sea. Certainly large chuns of the channel/SWAPPS seem to be in the footprint. As is most of the NAG :thumright:
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Everyone has access to the internet via onboard computer terminals- everyone is given their own account.

    You can take laptops & mobiles, but phone & wireless broadband access tends to be a bit restricted as you can only access it where there's a mobile phone signal (not between decks) and often only a few miles out to sea. You evn lose the signal on the Isle of Man Ferry! If an incident happens, I guess the same rules apply as the restriction of mobile phone useage to stop leaks to the outside world. Shipborne internet access is heavily regulated & not accessible by Wi-Fi laptops.
  18. Thats interesting Ninj. What about GPS and Sat-phones ?
  19. Today martins Money tips recommended a 3G broadband mobile package.
    Available at half price through Quidpro 1GByte is £5:00 Month 5GByte only £7:50 month. Contract is for 18 months.
    Offer expires 30 September.

    What you waiting for

  20. I've got one here at Dartmouth, fantastic, saves me having to go down to the Computer Centre and waiting for a much slower PC! I've never gone over the 3gb limit on my contract, shame I won't be able to pause it during IST but, its not too much money wasted.

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