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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by hobbit, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Although I believe my wlan is secure is there any way that intruders can be detected. Wlans are vulnerable to hackers I have read.
  2. Have a look HERE mate, could be of some help :)
  3. TYVM a lot to digest have got it on my desk top to go through thoroughly .Coming from an era when the 'phone was high tech keeping up with the latest gets abit diff . Thanks again


    Yes , without becoming a pita that snort looks ok and a freeby . What do you recommend if you don't mind me asking and can be bovvered

  4. I think that most routers have an IP Address Log, so if you can get the IP addresses of all of your Authorised computers and compare that to who has been on, you will find out.
    Once you have an IP Address you can then block it I believe, or try and trace it.
  5. Sorry mate but I haven't a clue i'm afraid :)
    I just did a google search and found that site to try and help :)
  6. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    If you struggle to understand the latest in technology, you won't stand a chance with IDS's or how to use Snort. You need to be up to speed in order to understand how to use these effectively and correctly.

    But if you're using WEP encryption, just be aware that it can be cracked in 59 seconds.

    And if you try to lock it down by MAC addresses, these can be spoofed.

    BTW, if you get caught using packet sniffing tools and Snort, you can be prosecuted under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 so I STRONGLY advise you do not do so unless you are testing your own computer network.

  7. Cheers it was a big help and I should have thought to check the web myself

  8. Lol, no problem mate, its always better to have more than one perspective :)
  9. Cheers Matelot,
    Yes am using WEP also have Windows Onecare although considering Norton 360 . I only want security for my own network so no near fear of illegal stuff. Yes , this techo stuff has certainly got me in and as I'm retired it's a bonus to have this interest . I'll keep looking anyway and thanks again

  10. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    WEP AND Norton???

    Ditch WEP now and change your encryption to WPA2 and google NOD32 for your anti-virus. Far, far superior than Norton.

    BTW, is there a particular reason why you posted this in Current Affairs and not the Gaming & Computer Advice forum?
  11. As much as I hate to admit it I was ignorant of the routine . Will take more care in the future . Sorry about any probs caused,

  12. I see English words on the screen and when I read them my head hears blah, blah, blah!
  13. My Mac displays a list of users logged-in when I use wifi on my iBook at home. I avoid using it for my desktop computer for security reasons (ie when paying bills online). However you don't always notice! I have noticed that when mine is being used by another person this seems to coincide with a red car being parked nearby with a bloke sitting in it. But it could just be pure coincidence (ie me being paranoid). Wifi is nice when you sit in the garden typing away, though...
  14. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

  15. Hi Hobbit,

    As matelot says be wary of using sniffers or other such hacking tools. The Computer Misuse act is a little understood piece of legislation to the layman.

    Remember that as a normal home user if you are targeted by a reasonably able hacker, with patientence and a desire to get in, they will access your system. The chances of that occuring are slim, you can only do your best with what you have.

    1. Hide your SSID.
    2. Lock down your MAC addresses
    3. Enable WPA encryption with a strong passphrase (not words and throw in some special characters (£$%*! etc. £ is a reasonable one to fox brute force attack by a script kiddie using an american based password cracker)
    4. Change the default username and password for your router. Again make the password a good one. keep it safe!!!
    5. Have Anti virus on all your networked computers.
    6. Put a Firewall on all networked computers
    7. If you are worried about loss of details (passwords CV, bank details etc)look at some form of disk encryption for protection of sensitive files/folders
    8. make and keep regular back ups in case of damage to the integrity of data following a successful attack.
    9. Monitor your logs.
    10. Keep the WLAN router switched off when not required. Why have it on if you are not using it? saves power and gives less window of opportunity for a hacker who may just be 'passing by'
    11. Limit the max number of IP address's available for issue by the Router. My system will have no more than 4 machines logged on so the Router will not allow anymore than 4 IPs to be issued.

    In most cases the simple fact of putting a difficult to guess password will deter most 'casual' misuse (People trying to steal your bandwidth). the more difficult you make it the more quickly the average geek will get bored and wander off to find something easier to try to tinker with. On the negative side it could arouse the interest of a more capable geek to have a look at what you are protecting. Catch 22!

    lock your system down as much as you can, but don't do it so hard you lose the functionallity that lets you enjoy it.
  16. You can lock access to only computers/devices that you want on any decent wireless router, via IP Address.

    I would also recommend changing to WPA2 PSK instead of WEP, if your router supports it. WPA PSK as a minimum.

    Give me a shout if you need any help with it.
  17. G'day SG,
    TVM for all that advice I'll do my best to follow it . Probably my greatest concern was someone using my system as I don't do any business through the web . I do like all the tech stuff so will keep going and try not to give anyone the whatsits ,

  18. For what its worth, I ditched ZoneAlarm for NoD32 and its much better :D
  19. Cheers Wiggy,
    The info is forming a pattern and I will be checking these things out . I had a gut feeling I was living in a dream world regarding security and my greatest security is I've got nothing of value on my system so that helps . The message I get is if anybody wants to it is impossible to stop 'em . At least I've got heaps to work on , Thanks fellers,


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