Wireless and Radio Engineering


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This Module investigates, critically analyses and examines current Wireless and shall investigate the advantages and disadvantages of current systems, carry out a forensic type of analysis on former protocols and evaluate next generation solutions. Covered within this module is access techniques, current and planned modulation types and proposals for effective streaming of bi-directional data. Students will examine, criticise and evaluate the rationale behind the industries decision to adopt certain technologies. Students will discover the different diverse methodologies that can support voice and data over IP networks.


There are no prerequisites for this course. However, all delegates should be literate and numerate.

Course Content

  • Introducing the radio spectrum
  • Modulation techniques
  • Transmitters, receivers and antennae
  • Access techniques
  • Microwave radio
  • PMR/Tetra
  • IS 95/GSM/GPRS/Edge
  • UMTS
  • Satellite communications
  • Wi-fi

    Qualification - Level 7

For more information on this course and details on how to enrol please follow the link….http://www.bfrss.org.uk/Courses-View/10071-Wireless-and-Radio-Engineering.aspx#.VPVzcnlybcs

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