Discussion in 'International' started by Backpacker1uk, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Bookings now being taken.





  2. With enough money anything is possible!
  3. Ye Gods, I had no idea climate change was so far advanced!
  4. Looks lovely, and to think I escaped into the Arctic to escape the Sun when I could have retreated to Dubai. Perhaps we need a few hundred of these in the UK with ski lodges on the slopes for all us ice lovers. :happycry: :dance: :roll:
  5. Talk about a nation with nothing better to do - why don't people spend money on things that matter for flip's sake? Think of the dying and starving kids whose misery fuels much of the extremism we have to deal with. These corrupt states are part of what fuels the Jihadist movement too ...

    looks nice though ... :roll:
  6. What corrupt states?

    Dying and Starving kids? Do you know how much money HH Sh. Maktoum pours into charities EVERY year?

    Have you got a clue? At all?

    It is nice though, if a little busy on a Friday.
  7. The original story behind this was a yank screaming about the high price of gas and look this is why you are paying high prices.

  8. Building one in Manchester near to the Magga shoping centre at trafford park.

    It is hugh!!!!!!!!!! :farao:
  9. Dubai ski is at the emirates mall. So you can just wonder around the shops, buy a coat, go in for a quick ski then carry on with your shopping.
    I understand that the water used for the snow is taken from the sea and desalinated, must cost a fortune to keep running.
    Don't know why people are complaining about it, if they have the money - why not spend it! All that sunshine and hot weather must get boring after a while
  10. yes - stops the natives from revolting too!
  11. We are not revolting, just a little ugly.
  12. How can the locals be ugly???
    I paid just £12 for a manicure and pedicure in Dubai this week. At that price everyone should be beautiful!
  13. It does bother me that the dollar is in a downward spiral - plus the commodities market will soon be starting to hype up the cost of bread etc. because of the poor wheat crop. the cost of housing will be soaring - week dollar so oil prices appear high - I'll have to go down to the G&D in the Ambassador - Bur Dubai to contemplate all this over an all day breakfast and a few Kilkenny's.
    The Creek golf club is doing special summer rates - may give that a whirl.
  14. Waxy's is the place for an all day job.
  15. For as long as a bloke has strength to jiggy jig and a woman has insufficient strength to resist, there will be "starving kids"

    5h1t happens.
  16. There's been one in Tamworth and one in Milton Keynes for years. This Dubai thing's old hat...
  17. Cleo Laine lives in Milton Keynes!!!

    So Dubai is the fave destination :w00t:

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