Winston Churchill

Discussion in 'History' started by harrymaskers, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. Winston Churchill, during World War II, was constantly being photographed wearing military uniform of one sort or another (I'm looking at a picture of him dressed as an Air Commodore). Does that mean that the current Prime Minister also holds the same rank and, on his next trip to Iraq wear rig????
  2. God, I hope not - never seen a Labour politician, Old or New, have an idea about defence !
  3. They don't have rig for people that fat - but if he did, he would have over a hundred medals - one for each stealth tax.
  4. Would Churchill have got a medal for Gallipoli, or come to that, Norway in 1940 ? Politicians should stick to politics, and leave the military to those who've done the course.
  5. You do know Winnie fought in the Boer war right? so if any "politician" had a right I would say Sir Winston did...more then say that earlier twit Chamberlain,as for Gallipoli, yeah it was a FUBAR, but I would say lessons learned that day helped in the planning of D-Day... :thumright:
  6. While I do have reservations re Churchills tactical brilliance, he was a Sandhurst graduate and he also did time in the trenches after the Gallipoli debacle forced his resignation as 1st SL.
    AfterSSE I would have thought Dieppe in '42 was the rehearsal for D-Day? Surely this was Canada's Gallipoli.
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Can I just say that I believe more Royal marines died in the Gallipolli campagian than anzacs.
  8. You are right WB, as did more Frenchmen. Aussies and Kiwis however always counter with the Per Capita (size of population.) argument which does tend to skew the stats in the ANZACs favour.
  9. As well as serving in the Army, I believe Churchill was also made honourary Air Commodore. As he was also once 1st Lord of the Admiralty, perhaps that is why he also wore RN uniform?
  10. most uniforms he wore, were in order to disguise him and his movements during WW2, I wouldnt read anything in to them.
  11. Yes Dieppe was also our version of Gallipoli, and I think both can be used as examples of what "not " to do in a beach landing scenario...

    We certainly learned from that episode to take any orders from the British Generals, with a grain of salt after that... :thumright: (ensured our role in D-Day would be more significant and led by Canadian General Officers, instead of Monty's chosen...) [​IMG]
  12. Churchill may have made a monumental cock up over in the WWI bout how would have brought the country through WWII - rally the yanks and civvies yet he made his share of cock ups like us all - cant help thinking the country need a PM of his caliber now - I now this is going to bring a hail of comments but please think about it
  13. Well yes as a matter of fact I can or too Lobour politician's.That where more than up to the mark.Dennis Healy a very good defence sectary.I had my bigest pay rise from him in the late 60s.And he gave the armed forces a good boot *********** that was well over due.He also had a very distinguished carriera in the army as a Major in W.W.2 .Tony Benn for another A WW2 fighter pilot.Unlike Mr Churchill and most conservative chappies they kept there heroics to themselves.
  14. As well as WW1, Churchill fought the fuzzy wuzzy's back in the 1800's.

    During WW2, the naval looking uniform he wore was that of an Elder Brother of Trinity House. He was seen sporting it when he popped over for the D Day landings.
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Churchill as a young (regular) army officer rode in the cavalry charge at Omdurman (written up in 'The River War'). He was later Colonel of that regt (?4th Hussars) and thus wore the uniform of that role. In the Boer War he was a newspaper correspondent and staged a gallant escape from the Boers after capture. He was also made Commodore of an RAF sqn and so also wore Air Cdres uniform (a compliment for his work between the wars in trying to get the Crabs rearmed becaue he KNEW war was inevitable). As an ex (twice ex) 1st Lord he also wore the Admiralty Board yachting rig when visiting ships. Hence the uniforms worn by him during WW2, during which he was fully exposed to the Blitz in London and to the hazards of air travel which took out many including the general who would have commanded 8th Army - Montgomery was the replacement.

    Whatever imperfections people find in his character (and conveniently forgetting that it was WSC who brought in Old Age Pensions for the first time) he led us to victory when others wanted to give up. Sprechen sie Deutsch?

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