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Winner of MOD Crossword Puzzle Competition announced


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Now we know why you never get an answer from a Civil Servant when you ring up DLO; they're obviously too busy... :shock:

Source: Defence Intranet - News (9 Feb 07)
Winner of our February 2007 Crossword Puzzle Competition announced

The winner of our February 2007 Crossword Puzzle Competition with all the right answers is Elizabeth Benger from DLO Andover, who was picked at random from the 212 entries recieved.

Be in with a chance of winning a 256 Mb Royal Navy memory stick...
A very handy 256 Mb Royal Navy memory stick will be despatched to her shortly. The answers are shown below. Look out for our next Crossword Puzzle Competition in March 2007.

15 Across - Please note the crossword was compiled before 8 November 2006 when Robert Gates was nominated as Donald Rumsfeld's successor by President Bush.


6. Plant whose leaves are used in cooking to give flavour to dishes (4) - HERB
8. New James Bond movie (6,6) - CASINO ROYALE
9. See 6 Down - MILLS
10. Pakistan's President General Pervez Musharraf recently descibed it as a 'core issue' in the Middle East (9) - PALESTINE
12. Billionaire owner of Chelsea FC (10) - ABRAMOVICH
13. And 18 Down. Helen Mirren recently starred in the final series of this crime drama (5,7) - PRIME
15. Donald Rumsfeld is his Defence Secretary (4) - BUSH
16. Grassland (3) - LEA
17. He has just retained the Formula One world championship (6) - ALONSO
19. Enid Blyton's most famous creation (5) - NODDY
21. Country thrashed by Europe in the 2006 Ryder Cup (3) - USA
23. South American country on the Pacific Ocean (4)- PERU
24. Garbage or trash (5) - WASTE
25. Ex-Atomic Kitten singer who frequently features in the gossip columns (6) - KATONA
27. Seventh letter of the Greek alphabet (3) - ETA
29. 'Restless' is the latest one by William Boyd (5) - NOVEL
30. Kirsten Dunst is the star of this new movie directed by Sofia Coppola (5,10) - MARIE ANTOINETTE

1. Labour politician who has just published his memoirs (5,8) - DAVID BLUNKETT
2. Shadow Foreign Secretary (7,5) - WILLIAM HAGUE
3. And 7 Down. He played 11 Down (3,5) - TOM
4. Country which recently joined the European Union (7) - ROMANIA
5. ____ Thomas, the former rugby union captain of Wales (6) - GARETH
6. And 9 Across. She is embroiled in a divorce from Sir Paul McCartney (7,5) - HEATHER
7. See 3 Down - BAKER
11. David Tennant is currently playing this TV icon (6,3) - DOCTOR WHO
13. 'Peter ___ In Scarlet', the sequel to the JM Barrie original (3) - PAN
14. Singer whose attempts to adopt a boy from Malawi have caused great controversy (7) - MADONNA
16. Cult castaway TV series (4) - LOST
18. See 13 Across - SUSPECT
20. Kiln for drying hops (4) - OAST
22. ____ Athens, a Greek team in the 2006-2007 Champions League (3) - AEK
26. Titchmarsh, currently filming a new BBC natural history series 'Nature Of Britain' (4) - ALAN
27. Tree with curving branches (3) - ELM
28. Donna, the TV presenter (3) - AIR
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