"Wink Test"


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So in all of naval history
it just happens that everyone before that lad who got discharged in 2008
can fire a right handed rifle and no one Has ever struggled.
I am right handed but left eyed , bullseye with SLR but would struggle with SA80 as I would have to shoot right handed.


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I realise that my comment will be of little use, but in my career the dedicated shots carried an eye patch to use on the unblinkable eye if it was found necessary.


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I was always puzzled by the "I'm a winker" song in the Sailor BBC programme. Now I think I understand - they must have been discussing marksmanship.

I'm still a bit mystified, though, how the poor chaps using SLRs and SA80s manage to get a decent grouping without the benefit of a proper Lee Enfield .303.


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I'm mystified how people manage to trap without being able to wink, let alone shoot 'guns'. Surely they don't have to engage in conversation?

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