Windows XP Reinstallation

Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by Passed-over_Loggie, Jul 25, 2010.

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  1. Chaps and chapesses, please forgive the bone question but I'm stuck. I've used search and Google but I can't spot the anwer; but I may just be too thick.

    A dear friend is trying to reinstall Windows XP on her computer. She puts in the correct product code, as per the sticky label on the computer, but it won't produce an activation code; just a line of dots. So it accepts the product code but won't show the activation code that the Microsoft site want to provide the activation key.

    Help! please.
  2. The reason is more than likely it's a copy of XP that's issued to new computers only as far as I am aware.
    I had the same problem although I bought mine from a dealer who went belly up so I guess the XP was an iffy one.
    I don't know much about computers and couldn't be arsed phoning up Microsoft so I just bought Windows 7 from Amazon for £80.
    Great buy,never had a problem with it in 6 months,corrects itself all the time if mistakes are made.
    Try and fork out for it IMO
  3. Slight thread hijack here, but suffering from an iffy copy on a borrowed PC (yes, really!) can I safely bin XP and put on, say Linux? Any of you done it? Pros and cons? Do the progs (Office etc) still work?


    PS, I hate computers!
  4. seafarer1939. A good point and I wish it was as simple as a an invalid copy. The XP disk, though, is a proper hologram embedded microsoft one. As I'm being blamed for the loss of her original operating system (I didn't sod it up; I was just the last one to change a display setting but you know what women are like), I'm a bit reluctant to fork out significant money for someone elses kit.
  5. Not sure what your on about.

    Are you trying to activate automatically on line or to generate the key that you give to MS when you ring them for activation??
  6. You (she) might be trying to load an OEM version of XP onto a different make of machine; in which case it will probably fail.

    You also need to answer NMC's question.

    If you are entering a proper XP activation key it should just load and then verify itself as a genuine copy later on. Why are you trying to create a key in the first place?
  7. Although interesting, that's actually not relevant in this case.

    That article is referring to a OEM factory built machine, and obtaining the Product Key from the software; not the puke green/blue sticker on the machine.
  8. Many thanks for the replies.

    The route being taken to getting the activation code is the "manual" MS telephone number one.. Unfortunately, the validation number we need to enter via the telephone is not showing. Having gone through the process of entering the product key (off the computer label) into the "form" on the activation wizard, moving to the next screen only shows a row of dots where the generated validation code should be. There are no error messages nor "invalid product key" warnings.

    On a previous attempt to reinstal XP, we got as far as (after numerous attempts) to see a validation code that was then used to receive, by telephone, an activation code. When entering Windows, it warned that the poduct must be activated. On going through the insertion of the activation code again, a message saying that the system was already activated; "click OK to exit". On pressing OK, it went straight back to the log in page we started with. [​IMG]
  9. I stand aside whilst greater minds assist......maybe I will join the wardroom fire party instead.....a good torch shining always helps things along
  10. Linux Pros:
    Virtually all software is free
    Hardly any malware/viruses to contend with
    OS itself is free

    Linux Cons:
    Unforgiving if you cock something up
    Completely different file structure to Windows
    Office WILL NOT work, only software made for Linux will work
    Virtually no 'easy' support, you can find out anything you want with the requisite level of Linux knowledge and a couple of well worded forum questions, but the newbie is pretty much alone in the big bad world.

    All in all, it's easier to buy a legit copy of Windows (or get a different dodgy copy that works, whatever floats your boat) than it is to use linux unless you're a real enthusiast who will enjoy bashing (see what i did there?) their head against an OS for months on end before they work out what's what.
  11. Give Ubuntu a try.

    You put it on a CD and it has a try before you commit feature that will let you run Ubuntu from the CD to see if its for you without doing anything to your XP


    Is there a reason why the online validation isn't working for your computer? This would be the easiest way to activate your copy of XP
  12. Thanks chaps!

    I still hate them there pesky computers though!!
  13. Ok, so it fully installs and then you get the page that says 'activate on line now' or 'contact MS', you tick the radio button 'contact MS' press next and get a row of dots. Is that correct ?

    You need service pack 2 (SP2) to be able to do anything with XP now as support for it has ended. Download SP2 on another machine and save it to mem stick or cd, install windows, click on 'activate later' and when you have been through the other crap and are on the desktop, install the SP2.
  14. As a Linux user I thought that I'd chip in.

    This house is a Microsoft free zone. Yes, linux can be a bit confusing and just like life, the day you stop learning is the day you fall off your perch. You will need to put the time in to learn the "new" way of doing things but that is no different from using a motorbike for 10 years and then going out and getting a Renault Laguna. Both do the same thing (i.e. move you from the City Arms to the Wellington in Old Pompy) but differently. The modern graphical front ends make using Linux a lot easier. You may never even need to use a terminal session (think DOS box in Windows). I have several friends using or wanting me to install Linux as they are fed up with security issues anti virus issues et al. with Windows.

    I hold two MCSE tickets but lost the MS love when they tried to make it illegal to buy a computer without an O/S already installed ...

    Try Opensuse (what I use), Ubuntu, Fedora or Linux Mint - however, there are well over a 100 different "flavours". If Linux wasn't popular people wouldn't bother creating so many distributions.

    If you need any help just pm me.
  15. I am using windows 7 now, but do have a pukka version of Vista send me a PM and lets see if we come to some agreement.
  16. NotmeChief. That's a good point. We'll give that a go this week.

    The reluctance to use the modem, direct method is because her mum "owns" the telephone line and gets pissy about it dialling "funny numbes". Yes, I know. [​IMG]
  17. Try this , I used it a while ago and it worked

    How to Retrieve CD Key from Computer Already Running Windows XP
    Step 1

    Download Magic Jelly Bean Keyfinder off the internet

    Extract the compressed ZIP folder by double-clicking on the folder. Double-click on the "keyfinder.exe" file. Note the displayed CD key for the installation disc used with the computer.
    Step 2

    Download CD Key Seizer (click on the link in the Resource section). Double-click on the "CDKYSZR.exe" file. Note the displayed CD key for the installation disc used with the computer.
    Step 3

    Download ProduKey (click on the link in the Resource section). Extract the compressed ZIP folder by double-clicking on the folder. Double-click on the "ProduKey.exe" file. Note the displayed CD key for the installation disc used with the computer.
  18. It is a freephone number so give her 5p and she will be in profit.

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