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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by spearfish, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. Avoid this like the plague.It has a major problem with usb modems and printers,but it seems to be able to talk to routers.Don't make Bill G any richer,leave it on the shelf
  2. I agree,leave ot for at least 6 months till all the bugs are dealt with.It is worth mentioning that it is VERY processor and Memory dependant.Unless you have a top range stonking pc you will most like;y need a new one to use Vista with all its bells and whistles!
  3. Or switch to Mac, you won't regret it....
  4. It's always the same deal with Microsoft:
    Try to grab the cash by rushing the product out before it's refined.
    They did the same thing with the XBox game consoles. Had more bugs than a Phillipino whorehouse.
  5. Had my lap top for 2.5 weeks now, running vistra home premium and it is going fine. The OS is very user friendly and has recognised everything I have plugged in without the need to load the drivers, with the exception of my BT Hub (which I use both hard wired (USB) and wireless), but that came with details of how to get up and running with vista and took less time to set up than it did on my XP operation Desk Top.
  6. In general I have stuck with the operating system that came with the box. My one change , from 98 to XP SP2 resulted in 6 months of hassle and was never perfect, even if XP was better than 98. I currently have the latest version of XP on my home desktop and I am perfectly happy with it and am very unlikely to take up the 'special' upgrade offer to Vista. My laptop has dear old ME and it will probably stay like that until it gets the old heave ho when I retire and I get a new on for my retirement sailing.

    At least as home users we rarely if ever use Microsofts support s are not as succeptable to their blackmail of ending support to force us to upgrade.
  7. mikh it works perfectly? best avoid that then! Can't have things working properly straight of the shelf can we? I mean, you'll be expecting the government to be knowing what it's doing next! Well OK maybe that is a little too far fetched! Ain't I glad I can't afford the bloody thing - won't have any problems with it will I?
  8. I'll second that. NO problems. Upgrading is a piece of piss!
  9. I run XP, and as the saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. I'm currently running XP. Windows is the biggest, most unstable bag of shite that has ever existed. Never had a single problem with my Mac. It is still super fast running OS X on a 350Mhz processor! OS X is powerful and good looking! I upgraded it from OS 9 a few years ago. It's got extra RAM and a newer hard drive, but nothing that the PC didn't come with already.

    This PC (not a newer one) has a 1Ghz processor and it's so slow, i get close to defenestrating it. Mac all the way. My old Mac is better than any PC i have ever used, no word of a lie. Windows just can't seem to use a PC's technology to an acceptable standard and i keep it well maintained. I'll never buy another PC to run Windows.
  11. I bought a new Toshiba notebook about a week ago, and it came with vista home premium on it. Seems ok, apart from the fact that when i click on a scroll bar or button in internet explorer, it ocassionally minimises the window. It's a feckin pain in the ass.

    I'm not sure if its a vista problem or with the settings on the notebook. anyone else seeing this or have any ideas?

  12. I have the good fortune to use a Mac at home and a supposedly better spec PC at work. Guess which one is more reliable, doesn't periodically scramble my Word and Excel files, locks me out for no discernible reason, subject me to the blue screen of death whenever the software's been recently updated and the virus update kicks in shortly afterwards (a big no-no) and above all why Internet Explorer taken 5 times longer to do what my Mac Safari software does in a fraction of the time, despite the fact that my downloading speed is actually 4 times faster at work than at home (I've checked the speed). How can this be? :shock:

    I resisted buying a Mac for years because of handling medical data for charity work I was involved with at the time and was worried about the ease with which the password access in Macs can be overridden - for data protection reasons this precludes using a Mac because one might receive emails with confidential medical info in them - though of course anything relayed on the web is potentially being (openly) distributed! (Using an insecure computer when holding or processing confidential personal data is a criminal offence.) Not that people seemed to take this on board! If you have no need to keep all data confidential then I'd move over to a Mac - you can still use passwords for Word & Excel files (the latter being rather important for me).
  13. Whoops, after an absence from the site during the introduction of Vista I missed this thread and started another . However, this is what I was looking for and confirms my personal feelings and response to the new MS contribution to Cyberville. This is the biggest rip off ever by MS with many of the former good things now an optional payfor item. One would think that with almost absolute control over the software world BG would relax and be more generous with better mail, word processing and most certainly security.
    The fact is I suppose that like all the othet big guys in the many must have fearures of today they fight for absolute control while we, the mugs, continue to pay for the confusion. This can be seen with most of the gadgetry associated with computers as 'this is incompatable with that' and when something like Vista is arrives one has to renew almost everything from memory to PCU plus peripherals. Yes, sadly, this is the most blatent rip off yet by MS and I will certainly be seeking alternatives. The anger expressed by many against MS appears justified so I suppose the only way to crack the hold is to not buy from Bill. :sad:
  14. I bought my confuser just over two years ago.

    It's a Dell Inspiron 9200 laptop with a 2GHz Pentium M processor, 1 gig RAM, ATI Radeon 9700 graphics card, CD/DVD burner, 17" widescreen, 60 GB hard drive, blah blah blah.

    Basically, it cost a few quid when I bought it and was a high spec machine at the time. The last thing I'm going to do is buy a new one just to have the latest offering from Bill Gates' money-making machine. XP has been pretty stable (compared to 98) and I see no reason to buy and install Vista with all the problems that there are likely to be until the bugs have been ironed out. This one will do for a couple more years yet, probably until after they've issued the service pack 2.

    I know a couple of you are gushing over Macs but until recently I used one for video editing purposes and I had more freezes than XP ever gave me. I can honestly say that I didn't like the Mac and couldn't get used to it.

    I have an old laptop which I'm planning to install Linux on, just to play around with. Has anybody got any decent experience with Ubuntu Linux?
  15. Jimmy,

    I've been running Linux for the last few years, but for the last 2 years have been running a laptop and 2 desktops on Ubuntu exclusively, have you tried downloading it and running it as a "Live" cd, no need to install it just try it first and if you don't like it you won't have trashed your M$ install.

    Don't want to spoil the topic so PM me if you'd like to know more.
  16. The sad reality is that for those of us who are not clever enough to upgrade existing hardware by adding memory, graphics cards, etc - the best advice is to stick with what you've got until the time comes to buy a new computer. This advice was learned the hard way!!

  17. There is only one reason anyone would need to buy Bill's latest piece of bloatware, and that's if they intend to play the very latest games that require DirectX 10 to run. If you don't know what DirectX 10 is, you don't need Vista. If you don't play games that require the latest all-bells-and-whistles graphics cards, you don't need Vista. If your computer is more than a year old, Vista will probably run like a three legged dog. If it's more than two years old it probably can't even run Vista.
  18. I'm on Vista as I got a free (legit!) copy and wanted to try it. Conclusions?

    + Very easy to install, everything except the microphone worked straight out of the box on my Sony laptop without the nightmare of driver downloads needed with Win XP, or the serious struggling needed to get my display / WLAN working in SuSE / Ubuntu Linux.

    - Some software still not working with it although the only ones that have affected me are a VPN client (downloaded new one) and Second Life where graphics are a problem.

    All in all - not worth bothering unless you're doing a new install anyway. A patched and up-to-date XP install is not broken.
  19. I'm sure I met her in Mombasa a few years ago, now was it the Sunshine Bar or the New Florida Night Club :roll: :roll:

    The only thing I remember was make sure you use protection theres a lot of nasty virus going round.

    See not far off thread :roll: :roll:

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