Windows Vista


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Avoid this like the plague.It has a major problem with usb modems and printers,but it seems to be able to talk to routers.Don't make Bill G any richer,leave it on the shelf


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I agree,leave ot for at least 6 months till all the bugs are dealt with.It is worth mentioning that it is VERY processor and Memory dependant.Unless you have a top range stonking pc you will most like;y need a new one to use Vista with all its bells and whistles!
It's always the same deal with Microsoft:
Try to grab the cash by rushing the product out before it's refined.
They did the same thing with the XBox game consoles. Had more bugs than a Phillipino whorehouse.


Had my lap top for 2.5 weeks now, running vistra home premium and it is going fine. The OS is very user friendly and has recognised everything I have plugged in without the need to load the drivers, with the exception of my BT Hub (which I use both hard wired (USB) and wireless), but that came with details of how to get up and running with vista and took less time to set up than it did on my XP operation Desk Top.
In general I have stuck with the operating system that came with the box. My one change , from 98 to XP SP2 resulted in 6 months of hassle and was never perfect, even if XP was better than 98. I currently have the latest version of XP on my home desktop and I am perfectly happy with it and am very unlikely to take up the 'special' upgrade offer to Vista. My laptop has dear old ME and it will probably stay like that until it gets the old heave ho when I retire and I get a new on for my retirement sailing.

At least as home users we rarely if ever use Microsofts support s are not as succeptable to their blackmail of ending support to force us to upgrade.


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mikh it works perfectly? best avoid that then! Can't have things working properly straight of the shelf can we? I mean, you'll be expecting the government to be knowing what it's doing next! Well OK maybe that is a little too far fetched! Ain't I glad I can't afford the bloody thing - won't have any problems with it will I?
I'm currently running XP. Windows is the biggest, most unstable bag of shite that has ever existed. Never had a single problem with my Mac. It is still super fast running OS X on a 350Mhz processor! OS X is powerful and good looking! I upgraded it from OS 9 a few years ago. It's got extra RAM and a newer hard drive, but nothing that the PC didn't come with already.

This PC (not a newer one) has a 1Ghz processor and it's so slow, i get close to defenestrating it. Mac all the way. My old Mac is better than any PC i have ever used, no word of a lie. Windows just can't seem to use a PC's technology to an acceptable standard and i keep it well maintained. I'll never buy another PC to run Windows.


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I bought a new Toshiba notebook about a week ago, and it came with vista home premium on it. Seems ok, apart from the fact that when i click on a scroll bar or button in internet explorer, it ocassionally minimises the window. It's a feckin pain in the ass.

I'm not sure if its a vista problem or with the settings on the notebook. anyone else seeing this or have any ideas?