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Av just got a new laptop and whilst setting it up I have found that you cant alter the screen brightness on windows 8, apparently this is a fault with the programe. There are numerous threads regarding this matter on the net, but no solutions. any help out there.:banghead::banghead:
Window's 8 crashed during it's release conference

I've read a lot of bad reviews. I won't be touching it

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Vista is pants as well.

98, 2000 and XP were probably the better OS's

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Windows 7 has been personally my best OS. For performance and general running its perfect. Regarding Windows 8, ill doubt ill be getting that anytime soon.
Ditch Vista and go to 7. 7 was a real step forward.

I am running 8 on my laptop and quite like it. I have installed a third party start button because I prefer the desk top look on a laptop, but imagine that on a tablet or phone the new tile format is quite user friendly. I won't be upgrading my family desk top though as 7 does all I really need.
Hello Cooksmate. Following on from SEP86's post. You can specifically download a third party Brightness Controller which is available at:

Smart Brightness Controller - CNET

There are probably quite a few available however, I'm running Windows 7 so I'm not sure about it being compatible with Windows 8. It would be worth a try though as you can always uninstall it should it fail to operate.
Cheers for that I may try it later. samsung have ackowledged the prob and sent a few downloads, failing this they advise me to take it up with microsoft. :safe:
When I used Windows my first port of call was always PC Advisors on line forum. (Don't know if it's still going). The regulars used to be very helpful and always solved my Windows problems.
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