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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by seafarer1939, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. seafarer1939

    seafarer1939 New member

    Running Vista home basic 32 bit and just bought Windows 7 premium.Will it just load straight on to the computer over Vista?not to well up on this stuff.
    If you can.Cheers
  2. Streaky

    Streaky War Hero

    Stick the disc in, you'll get an option of upgrading and preserving all your current files and settings. Dawdle.

    More to the point, you get a choice of 32 bit or 64 bit installations. If you're just running a basic PC, stick to 32 bit.
  3. sceadugenga

    sceadugenga New member

    If you have 4 gig of RAm then use the 64 bit version, if not it's pointless... I think you'll find 7 a massive improvement over Vista. 7 is just as pretty but far far more efficient and stable....
  4. seafarer1939

    seafarer1939 New member

    thanks for the replies I appreciate it,I'll get there but it still is a mystery, mostly, to me but that's cleared some of it up.cheers
  5. seafarer1939

    seafarer1939 New member

    Sorry to get back again but:I loaded Windows 7 and it took the place of my Vista with all my stuff on it.
    I got it backed up so I just have to transfer it all back but! I can't find any programme for my mail,is it the same as Vista Windows mail or is it Outlook Express?buggered if I can find it.
    I went on to Thunderbird to get messages but I have no clue where the Windows mail programme is.
    I searched it but it keeps saying that it is not installed, but I carried out a full installation.If you can,thanks
  6. Drakey

    Drakey War Hero

    Windows 7. That was my idea.
  7. NotmeChief

    NotmeChief Banned

    If you did an upgrade, then silly you as it not only transfers your programs and setting, but it also leaves all the shit you have on the hard drive as well.
    A clean install is the only way to go.

    There is no mail program as there is no longer a browser thanks to Europe. You can get it free here

    Windows Live
  8. cupoftea

    cupoftea Badgeman

    Wot e' said.

    If you can stand it seafarer1939, I would strongly advise starting again and completely formatting your hard drive clean before letting Windows 7 install itself. Otherwise its a bit like doing an engine rebuild without bothering to clean anything.

    By mail programme do you mean an email client like Thunderbird / Outlook or do you mean Windows Live Mail?
  9. angrydoc

    angrydoc Guest

    Ah - a degeneration into SPAM!!!

  10. NotmeChief

    NotmeChief Banned

    He did all that on March 23rd dingbat.
  11. hamisatypeofcheese

    hamisatypeofcheese New member

    And where are my restaurant vouchers? :evil:
  12. chrisj09

    chrisj09 New member

    hi im josef fritzle and no windows was my idea
  13. angrydoc

    angrydoc Guest

    Spam - still spam! Christ.
  14. Evil_Adjutant

    Evil_Adjutant New member

    S'ok, Angry Doc, it's been tidied up.

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