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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by mick82, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. Hi all , I got a friend to reboot my laptop cos it was running crap , instead of rebooting with my backup discs he just flattened it and used his cracked version of windows 7 , its been around 6 months and everything has been running fine untill tonight , I have a message saying that my version of windows isnt genuine . All I can notice is up to know I have lost all windows 7 wallpapers and screensavers and I already know I wont be able to update the system now , All I wanted to know was what would happen now ive been sprung ? can I just carry on as normal without the benifets of updating or will it knacker my laptop ?
  2. Using crack versions usually means you wont get any of the updates that are needed, you may be restricted to what you can do or it may just decide not to work.
    You can still carry on if it's still working but get your self a virus checker, the updates are useful but not mega important, as i only install certain updates on my desktop, its down to you.
  3. Thanks for that Daffy , I use eset nod 32 so am happy my anti viris will do the job , am running this laptop into the ground anyway as it was dropped by my girlfriend and is cracked on the outside so see how it goes all else fails I will just buy a whole new system . thanks again :lol:
  4. You're fcuked mate, I'd expect a knock on the door from plod and Bill Gate's posse pretty soon. Best get yourself a gun and forget you ever had a computer. I hear there is a slightly used .22 and a shotgun going cheap up in Whitehaven if that is any help.

    Edited because I don't know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'.

  5. So wrong, but funny.
  6. Although many people use 'copied' software (and DVDs) it must be stated that this practice is illegal and anyway you would be well out on a limb if problems subsequently arose.

    For the sake of RR's good name (cough) I would hope that no-one here encourages such practices.

    Big Brother/Sister are watching etc.......

  7. Quality post :lol:
  8. Understand fully like I said a frieend done it for me without me knowing (cough cough ) :roll:
  9. Ahhhhaaaa! - Just spotted 'Liverpool',

    Explains all - Nudge, nudge :wink: :wink: Isn't that where they rob Windows......

    and doors and roofs and wheels etc & even the hub-caps from moving cars ? 8O
  10. OUCH :lol:
  11. With Windows 7, it depends if your mate has installed the "Evaluation" copy of Windows 7 that was release for one and all months back or just a dodgy copy he got from the internet.

    If its the "Evaluation" Version then you will find your laptop starting to shut down every 2 hours.

    My view would be get your mate back round, give him a good kicking and tell him to do it again with your discs. Or if your feeling brave, do it yourself. It's not that hard really if you can read and have an ounce of common dog
  12. You got *Automatic Updates* set?
    Then one update was probably "Windows Genuine Advantage*
    This one has sniffed out your bent copy and home-made
    Serial Number....and Microsoft will hound you to the ends of the
    Earth until you :/Format C: and install MSDOS with Windows 1.
    There'll be a folder with it on it somewhere abouts.

    p.s. It'll get your Microsoft Office package as well if that happens
    to be one that was downloaded from some server in Central China.

    Oh well.....there goes all your applications and 200 Gigabytes of porn.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *
  13. What is the make and model of the lappy Mick?
  14. Its a Acer extensa7220 . sorry took a while to reply I have not been on for a while . Its sorted now my said friend sorted me with a program that fixes the problem in minutes , no need to reboot the system . if anyone has a similar problem let me know i will help them out . cheers :lol:
  15. I too have a friend who writes "Patches", kind of great ain't they? :wink: :roll:
  16. Clarence Carter :?:


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