Windows 10.


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When I downloaded W 10 there was a message that said the free download offer will end soon, takes a while to complete but it is an improvement over 7 premium..... once you have switched it on and off a few times it settles down , no more 'Please wait while we configure your computer' and other guff when you first boot up.
If you want the free download get it now as it is bloody pricey as with all MS stuff.


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Remember that you can only download the FREE version if you are currently using 7, 8 or 8.1. For them there is a 12 month window in which to download.


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The downside being that in the future you will have to pay for upgrades.
I heard that too , they say that 10 is the last OS they will issue with future upgrades.
I had no choice as the CD burner software on 7 Premium was playing up and I do a lot of that for family who don't have a PC.
I read somewhere that there will be no windows 11 at any time in the future. The current windows 10 will be updated as and when seen to be necessary. I have read nothing suggesting these updates will be charged for. They did request a credit card number when I updated but I declined.
Resisting the upgrade to W10 from my current W8.1. I am told resistance is futile and inevitably I will become part of the collective that is W10. Resist, resist pilgrims, you are not alone! Freedom, freedom!!!

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