Window Hospital.....


War Hero
A note for all to read, it wont take long but may change the way you think

Two men both seriously ill in hospital in the same room,one man is allowed to sit up for one hour a day, the other remains flat on his back.

These men talk for hours on end,of thier wives,family,and the jobs.

Every afternoon when the man by the window was sat up he would describe what he saw outside to his roomate.

The other man began to live for these one hour periods when his world would come alive.

The window over looked a park with a lake. Ducks and swans, children played and younh lovers walked arm in arm.

As the man by the window described what he saw the other man would close his eyes and see the scene so well described.

One warm afternoon he talked of a passing parade , the band and all the colours of the rainbow.

Days... weeks passed.

One day the man by the window died peacefully in his sleep

As soon as it seemed approprate the other man asked to be moved to the window side.

Slowly ,painfully he managed to prop himself up to look out side the window.

It faced a blank wall..

He asked the nurse what could have compelled the man to describe such wonderfull things.

The nurse replyed he was blind..

If we wish to feel rich we should think of the things we have that money cannot buy..

Today is a gift, thats why its called the present........

not by me but by A Nonemouse..........