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winding up an AWOL pongo

I'm currently winding up an AWOl pongo, who it seems is a bit of an arrsehole.

He's posted on the Arrse site under the infantry sub title, the post (TIME EXSPECTED) has been locked so he cannot reply to me but he's pm'd me, the lad must be a complete donut because he hasn't realised I'm taking the p1ss, I dont have much time for blokes that go awol and he's really taken with my suggestion, how can I stitch the fcuker up further? :twisted:


Brilliant wind-up WB, hope it works, and hope the tw*t gets what he deserves.

Reminds me of an itinerant I arrested for his own safety, (trying to walk across the M1 with a pram full of his wordly possessions!) When we checked him out it turned out that he was a deserter from WW2. The RMP weren't interested, but we wound him up big time saying we were waiting for authority to take him out to the back yard and shoot him.

In the end we took him to the county boundary and dropped him off to go on his merry way.


War Hero
wet_blobby said:
cheers mikh, I'm a complete computer biff and dont know how to do that, or join the chat room.

LOL i refer you to my last on the diamond lil's thread! :grin: :grin: :grin:
Doesn't he know the death penalty has been retained for desertion in wartime? We are at war with Iraq and maybe Iran if the Mad Crusaders (Blair and Bush) get their way. These days they get shot when the milkwoman, Dawn, delivers the milk.
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