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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wingnuts, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. XO and Buffer - walking the upper scupper.
    Focsle - 2 lads reading page 3, one lady sailor chipping the capstan.
    Lad 2 Lad - hey jen seen page 3 - gives me a hard on.
    Lady sailor - without pause to chippin - have a look at page 7 Tom cruise .. gives me a wide on!
    lads look aghast
    Buffer to Xo - 'about turn, quick march, start laffin!'
    True dit - i wos there.
  2. That would be a 'Gen dit no shit' then :wink:
  3. You know it can't be a true story - because it says the Jenny was chipping the capstan!

    And it's more likely that Page 3 would have given her a wide on.....;-)
  4. Oi I chipped a few things in my time! Oh, capstan………that not suppose to be ‘sanding’…………….primer, under coat then over coat, add the grease and have to do it all over again the next week!
  5. sod all that work - just slap on the grey and finish
  6. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Wimmin @ sea - the funny side :

    an oxymoron surely :twisted: :lol: :wink:
  7. Women at sea. The whole bloody lot of them have more dits than a rampant morse key and are harder to control than the lads. ;-)
  8. It's always great to hear the "who shagged who" dits the first day back at sea after a run ashore.

    Just wish that they'd learn that turning on the waterworks when I say no to a M&M or days SGL won't change my mind!
  9. Nothing funny about women at sea, they may have had em onboard at Trafalgar but as far as I am concerned they are a pestilence and are only suited to shore jobs. Praise the lord I took the liberty boat to pension before this madness came into being.
  10. Plenty of problems when Wrens first went to see, and some of them caused by 'old fashioned' SRs giving in to easily to Wrens who couldn't get the job done because they weren't putting in the effort (this from several Wrens I know).

    15+ years down the line things seem to be a lot better, as you'd expect.
  11. Last year out the Gulf RMBT board a ship, once secure Jolly Jack comes along to do his bit one of the party being a Wren, It's a little bit choppy and she refuses to climb the ladder onto civvie vessel, what happens? Yes you know the answer, sweet foxtrot alpha. Now if that had been one of the lads we all know it would have been a different story. As stated in my previous post best place for them is in barracks sorting out your pay.
  12. :roll:

    finknottle, you've kind of missed the point! There are not enough young people joining the Andrew now - let alone only lads. If we hadn't made the decision to let women serve at sea we would now be stuffed.

    My experience is that they are as good as the lads - and sometimes better. If your girl couldn't do the job then she should have been taken off the boarding party and someone else should be doing the job. I've seen lads bottle it as well!

    I used to think that 'it's a management problem, sort it' was a cop out. I now know that it isn't. Women work if the baggage of the past is left on the jetty.

    :!: Enough of a rant from me, but it's what I think!

  13. Well, my experience of female sailors at sea in three ships [two as XO] is entirely positive

    There is a dinosaur layer of management in the RN - usually at senior LH/PO level who have advanced as far as their limited capabilties allow and refuse to move with the times and accept the fact that women are at sea and are there to stay.

    It is a management issue - you manage your people to exploit their capabilities

    Certainly in the early days they tended to be brighter more focused and achieved advancement quicker than their male equivalents. Of course Jack being Jack would't accept his failings and muttered darkly about favouritism etc

    I don't know if it is true now as I haven't served at sea for a few years
  14. Females at sea aren't a problem, people with preconceived ideas are. As a firmly entrenched "senior PO", I would take issue with SailbadtheSinners insulting generalisation, but I can't be arsed. Novel approach to management coming from an ex-XO...?!

    Everyone has limitations, it's just more obvious when they have lumpy jumpers. Worked with good females and bad females - and just as many poor blokes as well. If you let everyone work to their strengths, and build your team to minimise the weaknesses, then it works for everyone.

    Anyway, the Aussies have birds on subs, so the "more pay, less washing" brigade need to brace themselves for a shock (and you can't even go for a fag to get over it!)
  15. OK, I’ll concede that things might just be alright as long as there is a male hairy arsed Stoker and not some 50 Kilo Jenny available to carry your unconscious carcass up 6 decks to the life raft, call me old fashioned if you wish.
  16. This a complete myth

    If you do the BSSC/ISSC you will find females fetching/carrying/hoisting/shoring etc just as well as the men.

    And I have known hairy-arsed stokers that the majority of men would have struggled to carry.
  17. This a complete myth

    If you do the BSSC/ISSC you will find females fetching/carrying/hoisting/shoring etc just as well as the men.

    And I have known hairy-arsed stokers that the majority of men would have struggled to carry.
  18. Is having to repeat yourself a trait that you picked up on ships with females onboard?
  19. Well, maybe a little strong [you can see I had a bit of a battle at times!], and from what you have written it doesn't appear that you share those attitudes
  20. :lol: Most of the girls onboard would give Towering Haystack a run for his money. I would certainly cross the road if I saw a pack of them on union street....

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