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Lantern Swinger
Stop Press - Murder about to be committed in Central Scotland

My next door neighbour has just spent many thousands of pounds and hundreds of man hours since last December when we all moved into a new estate, turning his garden from a patch of soil into something Alan Titchmarsh and Percy Thrower would be pulling themselves inside out over.

After many months work the final touch was a smart little summer house. After a whole weekend of extreme difficulty in putting the damn thing up in the pissing rain and gale force winds (It looked difficult from where I was standing in the warmth with my can of lager) he asked his wife 'Do you want electricity putting in now because it will be a c*nt putting it in later'
'No' she replied.

2 weeks later and he is putting the final touches to his magnificent gardening creation with a large and dangerous pair of garden shears. He takes a step back, is just about to take a swig from his celebratory can of ice cold cider when his wife says

'you know I said I didn't want electricity........'

I can hear female screams
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