"Wimbledon Fans Show Pride In Armed Forces"

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by soleil, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. Very nice, but do they get laid? If so, I'm putting my name in.

    I love posh totty.
  2. Thats Shag Shacker talking to a Crab!!! Still got a face like a 12 year old boy!!! :D
  3. How'd the crabs get into the second row behind percy in the box - last picture at the bottom! Come to that how'd percy get to the front! Senior Service mumble mumble mumble...
  4. Bump for shag_shacker to see ..........
  5. god i look fecking great - thank god i was sucking my belly in at the time.
  6. seriously it was amazing having 15000 people applauding us - lots of them said hello after and how proud they were of us - didnt have the heart to tell them that the closest i had been to afghan was in a 747 on way to dubai.

    going in december so back in the box before you bite.

    only thing to spoil the day was having to watch the shite tennis - cant discuss any shenanigans that goes on in case Mrs SS sees this.
  7. If you click on it, it will come up large enough to print out and stick on the wall, if you are so inclined ....................
  8. inclined - i' m going to get it to A1 print size tomorrow just for the female civvys i work with - stand by for a free-flowing flood from several gussets
  9. When they p1ss themselves laughing....

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