Wiltshire Times: "Navy Man Gives Bounty To Trowbridge Cadets"

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by soleil, May 2, 2013.

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  1. I served in several Leander class frigates. Wasn't aware of any that took part in the second world war though!
    Nil points to the Wiltshire Times ship recognition correspondent.

  2. She should use google, there's been 2 leander class cruisers, 1883 and 1932, although Achilles was the 1932 version. All the Leander class frigate names had been used before with 1930's Arethusa and Dido class cruisers. I'm an anorak I am!
  3. They wouldn't be the first to get it wrong. The German pocket battleship Graf Spee mistook the Leander class light cruisers Ajax and Achilles for destroyers at the start of the Battle of the River Plate.
  4. Slight thread drift (as not a lot of people will know this - I only learned of it about ten years ago from an ex RM C/Sgt* ATT serving as a baby Bootie gunner in either X or Y turret)

    The Canucks were so impressed with that action that they even named a Town after that WW2 Leander:

    <<...The town itself was first established in 1941 when a Defence Industries Limited (D.I.L.) shell plant was constructed and a townsite grew around the plant. By 1945 the plant had filled 40 million shells; employed over 9,000 people at peak production; boasted of its own water and sewage treatment plants; a school population of over 600; 50 km (31 mi) of railroad and 50 km (31 mi) of roads. The entire D.I.L. plant site included some 12 km2 (5 sq mi). People came from all over Canada to work at D.I.L.

    The burgeoning community received its name in honour of the first significant British naval victory of the war. From December 13 to December 19, 1939, a flotilla of British warships—HMS Ajax, HMS Exeter and HMS Achilles—commanded by Commodore Henry Harwood—engaged and routed the powerful German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee at the Battle of the River Plate, near the Uruguayan port of Montevideo in South America. Ajax was chosen as the name of this war-born community...>> wiki

    <<...*Sam Shale. Served in HMS Ajax 1938-42 (Chatham X2251) and was a veteran of the Battle of the River Plate (December 1939) and one of the few River Plate survivors within the HMS Ajax & River Plate Veterans Association.
    He also saw action at the Battle of Taranto (November 1940) & the Battle of Matapan (March 1941) to name but a few.

    Shale Drive in the town of Ajax, Ontario, Canada was named in his honour. October 10th 2012. Aged 91...> Home

    A cracking Guy was Sam - RIP Royal.
  5. Fair play to the lad. My £1674.00 is going on spending money for our jollies in Canada in a couple of month.

    Oh what a selfish sort I am.:laughing3:
  6. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Nil points for rank either, what is an AS? I know trowbridge is a long way from the sea but the White Ensign Association is in the news quite frequently and they always have a good turn out for parades in town.
    I am sure the lad has marched with the WEA at last years Armed Forces Day.
    Well done anyway.
  7. Certainly, non of the Leanders I served on where about during the war, early 60's is more like it. Journalists or what?
  8. That's what I first thought, but subject to correction I couldn't find Andromeda, Bacchante, Juno, Jupiter, or Minerva among those classes. Also Apollo and Ariadne were Abdiel class minelayers and Danae and Diomede were "D" class light cruisers.

    2BM (Also an anorak)
  9. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    In fact Apollo (1934) was a Leander class cruiser transferred to the Royal Australian Navy in 1938 and renamed.

    Leander-class cruiser (1931) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Anyway, fair play to the donor. The Sea Cadets don't get the same MoD funding as the Army Cadet Force and Air Training Corps.
    Last edited: May 3, 2013
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  10. Apologies, should have added "during WW2."

  11. You are correct 2BM, I just had a quick look at the cruisers on this site.

    Royal Naval Cruisers
  12. Cheers Wrecks, just goes to prove I'm not as senile as I sometimes feel!


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